Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Hundreds of Places to Go...All With Tuesday Thinger!

It's Tuesday, so let's check out this week's question from Wendi's Book Corner...

Questions: Ever wondered where your books take place? Now you can find out!! Go to your statistics page, look down the column on the left hand side, and find the heading that says Common Knowledge. Then click on the link that says Places. It will take you to a page that will show you the places that your books have taken place in...

Have you explored the Places feature of your Statistics? Do you have any places that have multiple books listed? If you have multiples, are they from different authors, or from the same series?

Ok, I know a few of you might think I am a bit overly fond of Library Thing...and I may be…but it is things like this that once again just speak to my inner geek. All this information that LT makes available to me about my books is just so interesting. And slightly bizarre.

It also never fails to amaze me that I always seem to find a book in “My Books” listed on Library Thing that I totally forgot I owned. Which, of course is why I am in so much need of my dear LT.

Ok, back to my Places. Well, it seems I have 534 places represented in my books. That seems like a fair number, doesn’t it? Now a few are duplicates. New York, for example, shows up several times in slightly different ways. (Hmmm…that needs to be cleaned up…) But even with that it would be over 500.
Do I have places with multiple books? Oh yes…oh yes. There are too many to list unless you, my dear readers, have a great deal of time. So just a few…

Many are in NYC, a couple in a series by Linda Fairstein but most individual books. A bunch in Trenton NJ (Janet Evanovich), several in Philly (Lisa Scottoline) and about 25 in London, a number of them by Charles Dickens but most individual books by separate authors. About a dozen are set in Paris, all by different folks, about a dozen in Boston, many of them Tess Gerritsen books, another group in Richmond Virginia, from when I still read Patricia Cornwell and five are in Middle Earth, oddly all books by Tolkien...and just one in Wootton Major and one in Wootton Minor, both from the same book, Smith of Wootton Major, again from the grand Mr. Tolkien. In fact, many interesting places in my list are connected to his interesting books. Odd places, where only hobbits and Shire folk reside.

I must admit that I have not looked at the statistic page for quite some time.
Oh, I see another great chance to waste some time with this.
But I have looked at it from the other end of the process. See, all those listed places, attached to each book, come from each individual book’s Common Knowledge page. And all that information, the places, the characters, the series, the events...it all come from Library Thing members, like you and I, entering that information on the Common Knowledge page. Again, something I like about LT, that we the members have a real role, small or large, to play in the web site, depending on ones level of OCD.

Recently, I have made an attempt to try and enter some of the Common Knowledge info from my books, usually when I write a review for the book. I think I mentioned my slight obsession with that recently, my quest to get a cyber-Gold Helper Badge. Oh look, so pretty, so shiny, so silly. It is, of course, totally without valve except the warm glow in my heart it will cause when finally I turn in my Silver one for the coveted Gold.

Or that might just be heartburn….;-)

Speaking of something that makes my heart all warm, let's see if we can find a picture of my very favorite little boy, Bandit, the World’s Cutest Doggie…yes, you are Bandit, yes, you know you are…where is my little Bandie…

Well, actually my little Bandie Boy and his mom are back in Florida, going to school. Here is a picture of him in his little travel bag, all ready to go. He only needed to go as far as the driveway and then he got in his car seat...but he was ready to go!


  1. I never knew about this feature and just had to go and check it out! What fun! I can't believe Bandit was ready to leave his Aunt Caite's! He is such a cutie pie!

  2. i love bandy day : ) ps. i just got a bath.

  3. I must rush over to LT and try this out!!

    Love Bandit's purse ;)

  4. NYC is one of the best places to go =o) ! I keep meaning to go to Library Thing and complete my profile et. etc. and I keep getting distracted from that plan. But many times you speak of LT and I like what I hear. Gotta get over there....

    Bandit is such a cutie! Love his traveling bag, very stylish!

  5. Bandit is a very stylist fellow...or at least his mom is.

    Actually this "Place" thing is very interesting to look at, as is the Events and the Characters...or and the Awards. 253 on my books. Actually I had no idea there were that many Book awards...


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