Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tuesday Thinger...What's The Question?

Oh, I am late (working day shift and no blogging at work...) so I finally wandered over to Wendi's Book Corner to check out this week's question, only to find out there is not really a Library Thing question this week...not actually a question at all!

so I realized...
1. I need to try to think of some LT related questions to suggest to Wendi.
2. I am a lazy, complacent blogger. :-)

Ok, I think I may have already realized that second one.
See, this week, Wendi shared with us a number of HTML code tips and some very good links to find some other tips. Several I knew, a couple I could not quite understand...lol Hey, it has been a long day!
You know, HTML, the thing that helps make a blog pretty and interesting looking. Bolds and Italics and
...justified left and right, with nice links and blockquotes and different colors...
Well, see there is my point. Between Blogger and a little reading, I figured that much out and while I am sure there are many more things I could learn, that seems enough for me for the moment. Maybe my desire to learn too much has reached it's limit. Sure, it's a matter of taste, but I don't want my little blog to look too busy and all sparkly, with blinking, moving things or music or such.

Hmmmm....maybe I could use a bit more sparkle. Where are those links Wendi gave...

Speaking of sparkle, poor Bandit seem to be missing his usual bright eyed look. Ir seems the little fellow has not been feeling up to par the last couple of days. All your fans send their best wishes little fella. You just take a nap Bandit, and we will try and be quiet...shhhhhh.


  1. A lazy complacent blogger? Never!!!

    And I'm looking forward to a little bling on your blog!

  2. I think Wendi has a lot going on in real life right now. Poor little Bandit - he looks like he could use a snuggle. Send him my way and I'll snuggle with him!

  3. Hmmm...Jenners, I am so not a bling person.

    Kathy, i am amazed at Wendi's ability to come up with a weekly LT question and yes, she certainly has a lot going on..all the more reason you think I could come up with one question to suggest to her!

    as to Bandit snuggles, you will have to get in line, right behind me. Right Bandy?

  4. Hee hee - it IS getting harder to find LT things to include for Thingers every week - I'm drafting new posts and realizing that I'm starting to cover the same subjects a second time - can't have that!! :) And sadly, I didn't know how to center individual pictures/sentences etc until this week!

    What a cute pic of Bandit!! I feel like snuggling with him and watching the snow fall . . . oh - am I still a few months off? Oops

    :) I LOVE your posts and pictures ~ wendi

  5. I am going to make a real effort to think of a question. Limited only by my total lack of imagination.

    In the meantime, I added color to my blockquotes. not sure I like it, but at least I figured out how to. fooling with the template scares me!

  6. LOL - I've learned the hard way to play with my "test" blog AND to save a copy of the full template BEFORE I make changes.


  7. Hi just visiting via Jenners site -you come highly recommended so I thought I'd pop over. What a cutie Bandit is.

  8. Petty, he IS the cutest doggie in the world after all. It is just a fact!

    And appears here every Tuesday, for you viewing pleasure.

  9. how come some weeks people really like me and then others they are just eh. I THINK THAT THEY GET DISTRACTED BY YOUR THINGER. you should just get rid of thinger and have bandit tuesdays : )

  10. btw, i'm feeling much better. and elly got me a new toy today. its a zebra.

  11. Bandit, there was a Tuesday Thinger before there was a Bandit. So the Thinger stays and you just need to look cuter in your pictures.

    I am very glad you are feeling better but as to the toy, you already have enough puppy toys to open a store! You are one spoiler little doggie.


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