Thursday, September 17, 2009

Mary Travers 1936-2009

Now while, without question, Ms. Travers and I differed in our beliefs about a large number of social and political issues, also without question, the music of Peter, Paul and Mary was a large part of the soundtrack of my youth.
And a wonderful soundtrack it was.
No other group that has every existed could quite create the same sound, the same beautiful music, for me.

While I was on YouTube, looking for a video, I read one of the commenters who said you reach a point when more of the influences on your life, the things that shaped you growing up, are gone on rather than still around. With the passing of Mary Travers and the end of Peter, Paul and Mary, yet another of mine is gone. A sobering thought.

My condolences go out to her family and friends, as they do, no doubt, from her many, many fans.


  1. I'm sorry for the loss of part of your personal history.

  2. I was so sad when I heard this. NPR did a nice tribute on Morning Edition.

    My mom love PP&M and used to sing their songs to me when I was little.

    May she rest in peace!

  3. RIP :(

    I loved Peter, Paul & Mary as well, having songs like Leavin' On A Jet Plane and Blowin' In The Wind on my playlists. A personal favourite was: Where Have All The Flowers Gone.

    It's a sucky week - Patrick Swayze, Mary Travers...

  4. doesnt anyone care that patrick swayze died? dirty dancing is a dog's fave! you should write him a tribute!!!

  5. Wow, I admit, I'm of a certain age that I don't remember them this YOUNG! How gorgeous Mary is here! and I didn't realize they did this song. shame on me. We used to make fun of our sociology teacher in HS for loving PP&M and I always think of that wonderful teacher still when I hear Peter Paul and Mary. I think I better go find more youtubes and do some honor and appreciation. THANK YOU.

  6. Bandit, you and anothercookie are right. I was working and did not post a tribute to Patrick Swayze. He was great in Dirty Dancing but my favorite was when he was in Ghost! Loved that...

    Care, it was funny when I was looking at all their videos on YouTube, it was funny to see Peter and Paul with hair! Even I forget them at that

  7. I'm crushed! How did I miss this news? I loved Peter Paul & Mary.

  8. This is such a lovely tribute. One of my kids' favourite videos was the Peter, Paul and Mommy concert - they're only in teens now, so Peter, Paul and Mary did reach the newer generation in my household!

  9. I love the music of Peter, Paul & Mary. It saw me through my high school and college years and then some. There was a wonderful tribute on NPR yesterday. (oops, just saw that Maggie already reported this.

    This is a really sweet remembrance of Mary, Caite.

    So good of Bandit to remember Patrick Swayze. So Dirty Dancing is a dog's kind of movie, uh?

  10. Kathy, I did not know she was sick (leukemia), and was quite shocked. I guess I just have such a strong visual image of them from when I was younger.

    Belle, I am happy to know younger people still love them too.

    Amy...Bandit loves to dance! Just look at this picture.. this picture.


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