Monday, September 21, 2009

Nature Abhors a Vacuum...and So Does Musing Monday.

Today’s MUSING MONDAYS post, from Just One More Page is about reading music…

Do you listen to music while reading? Does this change if you’re reading in or out of your house? Do you have a preference of music for such occasions?

Do I listen to music while reading? Why, thank you for asking, yes, I do.

But then I listen to something while I do just about everything. As our friend Aristotle suggested, nature abhors a vacuum and so do my ears. I live alone and for whatever reason, I just can not stand a silent house. The vast major of the time I am at home there must be some noise, either music or the TV. I am not watching it or listening to it all the time necessarily. I just like the background noise.

Now, while reading, I have found having the TV on does not working. You can peruse any of the other times I have discussed how easily distracted I am to see why. So music it is, but I have to be careful on the music pick. Anything with lyrics, and I find myself listening to them. I like to listen to classical music, with a particular weakness for the baroque composers, but there again, I find myself distracted. So I needed music that would not be the shiny object to divert my attention from the volume in hand. And then I discovered the perfect music.

My TV cable company offers a large number of music channels. Soft Rock, Metal, Reggae, Throwback Jamz (I have no idea what that is...), Hi-Hop Classics (Classics? Really?...) but none of these worked out. Easy Listening, Golden Oldies, R&B, Dance, no none were right. I tried Soft Jazz, but even that was too engaging.
But then I found my perfect station...Soundscapes, which is described in the following way..."Relax, energize, and expand the soul with this rich mix of new age, atmospheric and world-positive music." A lot of pseudo-Celtic-new-age-jazz-lite-electronic noise. I feel neither relaxed nor energized and I suspect it has left my soul the same size it was, but it is the perfect background noise for reading. And it is free, because I would certainly never pay for that stuff!

Which may be why I don't usually listen to music while reading out of the house. The music that I like, the music on my iPod, is too distracting. I wonder if iTunes sells any whitenoise? Or anything that is "world-positive"....


  1. I like whitenoise too, or soundscapes. I think that's why I prefer reading outside and listening to natural soundscapes. I don't like an empty house either. I don't listen to music but the TV is constantly on. I just turn it down low while I read. Thanks for stopping by and I always enjoy reading your witty and well written posts.

  2. I think I'm odd - when I'm home by myself I love the quiet and rarely have anything playing.

  3. I just discovered music channels on my TV!

  4. kaye, real nature? wow, I never thought of Actually, now that the weather is milder out, I also love to read in my hammock in the backyard too, sans music.

    Kathy, yes, that is very odd.
    Actually, of course it is not. ;-)

    Nise', Congrads! Really, they are fun.

  5. I listen mostly to classical music (or instrumental) when I read. Classical snaps my mind into the ease and quiet for reading. :)

  6. I like quiet too, Kathy! Maybe it is because I get so very little of it. However, I can and will read with music on, it just can't be anything alluring (no lyrics, nothing hyper, not alot of drums, etc.). For example, I can hang in a coffee house and read my book and sip my drink with that classical or jazz stuff that they have on in the background just fine!

  7. I am so spoiled w/ the music channels on my TV & am a bit put off when not every TV has that feature.

  8. I really can't do music when I'm reading - I am easily distracted :)

  9. Sandy, my world is very, very quiet. Except for all that TV and music.

    Book Resort, I do not think I am using them to their full potential.

    Susan, I too am very, very easily distracted! I find the white noise of the 'right' music actually helps that.

  10. I can't listen to music and read ... but perhaps your reading music might work. But I like quiet. In fact, I adore it. Except when I'm cleaning the bathroom -- then I crank up the tunes. I get enough noise when my son is home!

  11. I don't know, I can't seem to concentrate on my book when I have music going in the background.


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