Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Cause for Celebration

One of my very favorite lighthouses is having a birthday party and you are invited! Today the Cape May Lighthouse is celebrating it's 150th birthday and there will be a party with a Civil War feel...and cake! According to the Cape May County Herald,

"The Cape May Lighthouse, one of the oldest continually operating lighthouses in the country, was first lit Oct. 31, 1859.

In honor of the beacon’s 150th anniversary, the Mid-Atlantic Center for the Arts (MAC) is holding a celebration from noon to 2 p.m. Oct. 31 at Cape May Point State Park on Lighthouse Ave. off Sunset Blvd.

The official ceremony kicks off at 1 p.m. with brief remarks on the Cape May Lighthouse’s history and costumed re-enactors including General George G. Meade who will be accompanied by his honor guard and Dr. Emlen Physick.

Afterwards, the candles on the Lighthouse’s birthday cake will be blown out and the cake along, with light refreshments, will be served to the public.

There will also be storytelling on the grounds, music and book signings."

Sounds like a swell time..and did I mention, there will be cake!
Of course, while you are there, I recommend you climb the lighthouse's 199 steps to the top for a lovely view of the city of Cape May and out to the Delaware Bay. A visit to Cape May, with her shops and restaurants and an unrivaled collection of beautifully restored Victorian houses, is always lovely, especially in the fall. Then, maybe you can take a short drive down to Sunset Beach for a view of what remains of the concrete ship and a walk on the beach to look for Cape May "diamonds". And, as you might guess by the name, lovely sunsets.

Did I mention there will be cake?

Happy Birthday Cape May Lighthouse!


  1. What a beautiful lighthouse! If I were there, I would definitely attend the party! I just saw two lighthouses in the Bahamas on my cruise. It is always a special day when I get to see a lighthouse!

  2. Cape May is a treat! The only place in NJ we have been other than the parkway and turnpike. Did you say there would be cake?

  3. I bet you'll be the belle of the ball at that party!

  4. sadly, I am working and can not attend. actually, I am sleeping or will be shortly but the sun is peaking out, contrary to the forecast rain and I am sure all there will have a grand time...and there will, I believe BE CAKE!

  5. Sounds like a great celebration - sorry you couldn't be there!

    I love the photo in the lower left, across the inlet.

  6. Hi, caite! I just love the picture of that lighthouse. Did you take it yourself? The 199 steps sure does sound like a good, solid workout. Hehehe.

  7. may have been and we all know 'Cake Lady' cake is the best!

    Dawn and Peter, thank you!
    yes, the photos are all mine.
    199 steps is a bit tiring, but the reward of reaching the top makes you forget. now the year I did the challenge and climbed like a dozen in two days, a couple, including Cape May a couple of times...that was tiring.

    I figured I climbed something like 2200 steps.

  8. it was huge and beautiful lighthouse there are also a lot of century old lighthouses in the philippines check out philippines travel destinations

  9. it was huge and beautiful lighthouse there are also a lot of century old lighthouses in the philippines check out philippines travel destinations

  10. I love Lighthouses. I have a huge collection that keeps getting bigger and bigger. If I see one, I have to buy it!

    I love touring them too!

  11. The Cape May Lighthouse is beautiful! Did you go to the party? I love that there was a party hosted for its birthday . And they served cake, Yummmmy. I hope the weather cooperated.

    Caite, have you ever stayed overnight in a lighthouse?!

  12. Just catching up Caite....wish I could have been there, but I'm so glad you took all those great pictures to share with us. May the lights continue to shine!


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