Tuesday, October 6, 2009

They Did the Mash... They Did the Monster Tag Mash ...on Tuesday Thinger!

Yes, it is once again time to extol another feature of my beloved Library Thing...and once again time to cyberly shout out to the world's cutest doggie, Bandit!
He thinks it should actually be called Bandit Tuesday, but that seems a bit over the top if you ask me.

So what could the Tuesday Thinger question possibly be...hmmm..it seems familiar...oh wait, I suggested it. Thankfully Wendi, over at Wendi's Book Corner made sense of the confusing info I sent. Now, even I understand Tagmash!

What is tagmash you ask? Well, on LT, you, and every other LT member can add tags to your books, describing categories or subjects you think describes your book. Fiction...chick-lit...vampires...English history...philosophy...whatever. But sometimes, the really interesting part is when you see how others tag the books you own, which Tagmash Overlap does, or when you want to use tagmash to find books similar to a book you liked. The possibilities are endless....and fun.

Questions: Have you searched for books using the Tagmash feature on the search page? If you took a look at the Tagmash Overlap, what did you think? Anything surprising pop up under the tagmashes? Any suggestions for next week's topic?

I have mentioned that I am not really looking for more books at the moment, haven't I? That I have a couple of years worth of a TBR pile? But once you look at tagmash, it is just too interesting to not look a bit. Pick any topics that interest you, from the search page go to tags, and enter them. As an example, I entered Russian, tea, cats...and came up with Alice in Wonderland...cool.
Another interesting feature it that you can use one or two minus signs to exclude a tag from the search. A "single hyphen demotes it; two hyphens exclude it from the search."
It is a great search tool if you are looking for books about particular subjects. NOT that I am looking...much.

But the use that I really love is to see how other people tag my books and how, if you look at all my books as a whole, others tag them, what shakes out. Go to statistics/meme tab on your home page, on the right go down to tagmash and up they pop, sorted by "interestingness". As Tim explains it, "The results is, I think, a good list of topics you're interested in—topics more complex than a single tag can express." It really gives you an interesting overview of your library, as other see it, not just how you tag your books...murder, mystery, woman detectives, serial killers, horror, classic, crime, Catholic, humor...yep, that seems pretty on target for me!
Of course, it is also fun is to look at other people's libraries and their tagmash.

So, bottom line, if you have a library on Library Thing, tagmash can be both a useful tool to find books you might like, a fun way to take a different look at your own library and another great way to waste some time!

Speaking of a great way to waste time...it's Bandit Time!!
Let's see if we can find a picture of the little fellow....

Of course, you might not know, but Bandit is a huge UofF Gator fan. Looks like he is settling in to watch a game here...

..and because he is so cute, here he is getting one of his many, many daily hugs.

Have a nice haircut today Bandit...and be sure to send us a picture of the outcome!


  1. I need to check out Tagmash for sure! If someone would let Bandit watch the Hokies, I'm sure he'd switch teams! ;)

  2. I think not. he is a loyal fan!

    As to tagmashes... Really, if you are looking for book suggestions, about a certain specific subject, it can't be beat. And it is great fun to play with, thinking o odd possibilities and seeing what comes up

  3. Oh Bandit ... I think you need to have your own day. I really do.

  4. I think he is getting enough attention as it is. ;-)

  5. THE HOKIES?!?! they are not ranked #1.....the gators are!!! =P thats just SILLY!

    thanks, jenner! LETS PETITION to make tuesday BANDIT DAY, please pleaseeeeeeeee kiki!!!!

    going to see alyssa at petsmart at 2:30. i'll send you a pic of me and you can be THE FIRST TO SHOW THE WORLD my new haircut. (kind of like "you heard it here first")


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