Sunday, November 1, 2009

Weekend Cooking...Time to Start Getting Ready For Christmas.

In honor of the first "Weekend Cooking", a new feature created by Beth Fish Reads, let me mention my current food project. "Weekend Cooking is open to anyone who has any kind of food-related post to share: Book (novel, nonfiction) reviews, cookbook reviews, movie reviews, recipes, random thoughts, gadgets, fabulous quotations, photographs. If your post is even vaguely foodie, feel free to grab the button and link up anytime over the weekend."

November is upon us, and as befits my heritage, and my sweet tooth, it is time to make the Christmas Cake! Yes, there are still a couple of months until the Big Day, but the cake must mature. Wrapped up, put in an airtight container, and every once in a while, basted with a wee dram of fine Irish whiskey. Just to keep it moist, of course. It is a fruitcake, made with the best quality dried fruits, and then 'iced' before serving with a layer of marzipan, that is almond paste and sugar, and then finally, the pretty royal icing. And often decorated with a nice ribbon, like the one I made a couple of years ago, in the photo above. BTW, that ribbon is marzipan. I mention it just because it is the best one I ever made I think.

Now, for a more humorous take on the Christmas cake, a song...


As I sat in my window last evening,
The letterman brought it to me
A little gilt-edged invitation sayin'
"Gilhooley come over to tea"
I knew that the Fogarties sent it.
So I went just for old friendships sake.
The first think they gave me to tackle
Was a slice of Miss Fogarty's cake.

chorus: There were plums and prunes and cherries,
There were citrons and raisins and cinnamon, too
There was nutmeg, cloves and berries
And a crust that was nailed on with glue
There were caraway seeds in abundance
Such that work up a fine stomach ache
That could kill a man twice after eating a slice
Of Miss Fogarty's Christmas cake.

Miss Mulligan wanted to try it,
But really it wasn't no use
For we worked in it over an hour
And we couldn't get none of it loose
Till Murphy came in with a hatchet
And Kelly came in with a saw
That cake was enough be the powers above
For to paralyze any man's jaws

Miss Fogarty proud as a peacock,
Kept smiling and blinking away
Till she flipped over Flanagans brogans
And she spilt the homebrew in her tay
Aye Gilhooley she says you're not eatin,
Try a little bit more for me sake
And no Miss Fogarty says I,
For I've had quite enough of your cake.

Maloney was took with the colic,
O'Donald's a pain in his head
Mc'Naughton lay down on the sofa,
And he swore that he wished he was dead
Miss Bailey went into hysterics
And there she did wriggle and shake
And everyone swore they were poisoned
Just from eating Miss Fogarty's cake!

...and if you must just hear the tune, and you must, here is a lovely YouTube version!


  1. I've never had a cake like that! When should I be there for a slice?

  2. And this will be ready in a couple of weeks when I will be zipping along the Garden State pkwy? Throw me a slice, will ya? It looks beautiful. You are just too talented. BTW, you don't let it mature in your basement, do ya?

  3. Kaye, basement for Now my aunt in Ireland has a nice tin to keep her's in, an old cookie container. I am forced to use tupperware or rubbermaid. all wrapped up, it does the trick!

    Kathy, it will be sliced on Christmas...and will be around for a good time afterward. weeks...months...or as long as it lasts. I always freeze part of it, to be enjoyed with a nice cuppa tea .

  4. I loved the video and the song! What fun. And I'm so impressed with your decorating skills! I'm going to have to do some research, but I'd likely substitute a wee dram of Scotch for the Irish whiskey! Thanks so much for playing along this week and for this terrific post.

  5. kiki!! we are getting ready for christmas down in gville! its a brisk day so we're exciting!! mom put my jingle bell collar on me and we're listening to ella's swinging christmas!!!!! we are sooo excited!

  6. Beth, you can use any sort of spirit. I have used rum, whiskey, orange liqueur...anything I happen to have.

    Bandit, just be sure you don't partake of any christmas cake like "maturing", being as you are a wee pup.

    as you can see, I have a nice Christmas picture up for my profile. No shopping done but getting the blog

  7. kik.

    last night (while mom was waiting to the world series to start after a rain delay) we were watching some ghost show on the discovery channel and they were investigating the ST. AUGUSTINE LIGHTHOUSE!!! they were very spooked and caught something on video that looks like someone was looking down on them from an upper landing. you should check it out! it made us think of our time there together!!

  8. OH YES and i made mom watch your youtube video and she says it reminds her of her childhood. she hasn't heard it in a long time.


  9. that is a most spectacular Christmas cake! I'm sure it tastes delicious as well!

  10. As humorous and delicious at that was, IT IS NOT TIME TO GET READY FOR CHRISTMAS YET!!!! I refuse!

  11. yes Bandit, St. Augustine lighthouse is haunted they say. you and I will have to visit it again when I come to dog sit you in the spring! yes, CWISTMAS IN

    Alibongo, jokes about fruitcake aside, I think it is very nice.

    Jenners, the cake must mature!

  12. That cake is absolutely gorgeous. I never knew fruitcake could sound so delicious.

  13. Caite....great post....I'm not doing the cake, but thanks for reminding me that the rum and bourbon balls need to be done as soon as I get back from FL around the 16th---they too need time to 'mature.'

    Loved the song == it really added a lot to be able to hear it.

  14. And ok Caite....where did you FIND the 'little Find Thingie' ???

    Very frustrating, cause I don't see it!!


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