Monday, May 11, 2009

Help, I am lost, wandering around Tuesday Thinger!

It's time for Tuesday Thinger, from the talented desktop of Wendi's Book Corner Yet another chance to show my very limited, often slightly confused knowledge of Library Thing!

Questions: Do you add your reviews to the books you add to your library? If so, do you put your full review on there, or a quick review (one - two paragraphs)? Do you find other people's reviews helpful? Do you know of any other ways to enter your reviews (Other than Edit Book, or Quick Edit)?

My dear Library Thing, you know I love you, don't you? You brought a level of order to my life my books that was impossible before. The number of times you have saved me from buying another copy of a book I already own, the hours I have spent in your groups taking about the delights of cheese or looking at those silly animal pictures with the captions, the sleepless hours perfecting the tags on my books and looking at them sorted in various ways....oh, good times, good times. dear LT, sometimes you are not the easiest place to find your way around. It's not just you. Every time I go to enter some books on Goodreads, it takes me 15 minutes to remember how. I know people are considering these issues and making changes to make Library Thing better and better...but I must say, every time I go to enter a review, I get lost. It seems easy enough now that Wendi clearly pointed out the way, but I know I will forget by the next time I go to enter one.

I admit it. As people in my Real Life know, I have a terrible sense of direction. I have been to Disney World many times, I love Disney World, but I am always lost there, passing that darn flying Dumbo time and time again. And I am frequently cyberly lost at Library Thing. So, to answer that part of the question, no, I do not know any other way to access the place to enter your review. To tell you the truth, I didn't even know about the way to access it from the quick edit...although I tested it and it did seem to work for me. But I will soon be lost again, don't you worry.

Do I post reviews for books I enter on LT? Well yes, but not when I enter them on the site, because I have not read them yet. I find it harder to write a review before I read the book. But when I do read them and post the review on my blog, I go back and enter a shorter, more edited version on LT, usually with a link to the full review on my blog. Which is, I know, a matter of some controversy in some LT group discussions, those links on people's reviews.
I usually don't post them right away, but rather do a bunch at one time. And someday I will go back and review all the books on LT that I read long ago. Sure I will...hey, you want to buy a bridge in Brooklyn?

Do I find other people reviews helpful? Yes, I do and I like those on LT especially. Unlike those in some other places, like the Evil Amazon, I trust the ones on LT. Sometimes the motivation behind some reviews in other sites {{coughEvilAmazoncough}} seems a bit questionable. The folks that post them on LT just seem more serious about them, and therefore more useful to me who wants to know if this is a book I might like. And you know I always am on the search for another good book to buy, since I only have several hundred unread ones on hand. ;-)

Ok, enough about all those silly old books. Where is the Tuesday doggie picture, the picture of Bandit, the Cutest Dog In The Entire World? Well, Bandit and his mom were traveling this week, driving back to Joisey from the Sunshine State for the summer, so of course, he had to do the tourist thing and make a stop at the famous South of the Border.
Bandit, that hat seems a little small for you, but very cute!


  1. The only good thing about South of the BOrder is passing it - no more 180 more miles, 177 more miles etc, screech! I can't stand it!! From our house in FL to our daughter's house in MA is close to 1300 miles. Enough already. Bandit would make a much better tourist trap than SOTB.

  2. I will have to ask him what he thought of

  3. The hat looks like it fits Bandit pretty good. I hope they bought it for him.

  4. he doesn't need a hat. He needs a pair of pants if he is going to keep standing like that.

  5. I post my reviews over to LT in batches too. I'm not organized enough to go over every time. =)

  6. me and my mom actually liked the billboards that say 50 MORE MILES!! ..they gave us something to look forward to on the monotonous drive. SOTB itself was a bit of a disappointment as we felt we were stuck in some awful 1960s nightmare.

    btw, kik, i think i mentioned my great desire for SOMEONE to make me some pants =P

  7. I like the ring of "cyberly lost," but that's probably because I have the world's worst sense of direction. I can get lost walking down the hall in our building. All those apartment doors look sooo much alike!

    Bandit doesn't need pants! It would be such a shame to cover up all that fluffy fur.

  8. Bandit is adorable- love the "hat"!


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