Tuesday, May 19, 2009

On the Move, With Library Thing!!

Again, Tuesday has rolled around, so let's see what this weeks question is from Tuesday Thinger, from Wendi's Book Corner...

Today I discovered that you can browse Library Thing on a mobile device (phone, pda, smart phone, etc). All you have to do is add /m/ at the end of the LT address: www.librarything.com/m/ !!

Questions: Were you aware that LT had a mobile version of the site? Do you ever visit sites via a mobile device? Can you think of anything this would help you with?

Yes, I was aware of this feature at the lovely, wonderful Library Thing, but no, I have not taken advantage of it. I have no PDA, no smart phone, not even a web enabled cell phone. Just a basic, ordinary cell phone. I once paid for the web-enabledness, but I dropped it, finding that I never used it. At times, I even think of getting rid of the cell phone, because I really do not use it a lot, but I work very odd hours, so I am out on the road when few people are, so it is a bit of a safety issue. Besides, my SIL might kill me if I did...it's hard enough to track me down as it is....and my niece would most likely claim she no longer knew me, because I would be the most uncool person on earth. A title, by the way, that I am already in the running for, as we speak, because of my choice of sunglasses...but that is a topic for another day.

So, back to the question, I do think the mobile LT is a cool idea, for those of you more cutting edge that I am. It would be nice to be able to check my library when out and about. After all, the reason I first got LT was to save me from once again buying a copy of a book that I already own. But...quite honestly, most of the books I buy these days are online, and I always check my library first if there is any question. Actually, if there is no question, I usually check anyway, because I have the memory of a gnat for some things these days. If I buy a book in person, as opposed to online, it is either something very new that I must have at once...and know I don't have...or really cheap at a book sale or something...and then I am not too concerned if I am mistaken. 50 cents..ok, 20 dollars..not so ok.

One other point before I go. Wendy mentioned in her post that she does NOT have a full paid Library Thing membership. That is just wrong, so very very wrong! Please correct this ASAP..or just lie and say that you did and make me feel better, ok?

Now to make you really all feel better, our weekly Bandit fix! Bandit is home for the summer and as you can see, hard at work, blogging. You have checked out his very own blog haven't you? Here is is, resting after his latest post, poor puppy.


  1. 3 Things:

    1) I had no idea that LT was mobile now. Shows how much attention I've been paying. (oops...)

    2) Wendy should definitely get a full LT account. How can you limit to just 200 books?

    3) Bandit is adorable, and I will now waste time reading his blog. Perhaps my basset hound would like to blog....

  2. somehow, basset hounds do not seem like bloggers. I picture them writing letters perhaps... ;-)

  3. LOl! bassets definitely look like letter writers to me. They certainly do not own cell phones! When are you leaving for your grand adventure, wee Caite?

  4. I will be out of here for the Great Adventure Thursday night/Friday morning. Thursday night we are actually staying in Philly for a very early flight to Vancouver...and then the first part, the cruise departs Sunday afternoon.

    I hope to check in from time to time, checking to see if those posts I scheduled actually post.

  5. I don't have a web-enable mobile product either, but I do have a full lifetime membership to LT!

  6. When I clicked on your name (that you left on my post), I came to a bible website. Freaky!

  7. Mobile-ready LT? They are enabling obsessive/compulsive disorders everywhere! I do not have a snazzy phone, I have the cheapest Bluetooth phone that T-Mobile offers. Because I drop them in the toilet, the pool, the washing machine, and I'm not worthy. And poor Bandit. Blogging IS hard work!

  8. as do I Kathy, as do I. Best money I ever spent....

    Lenore, that is odd. Now I was trying out some new contacts I believe, when I posted that, and contacts make my near vision blurry...so I may have mistyped...lol

    Sandy, I too go with the cheap phone, but not because I destroy them, but just because I am CHEAP!

  9. Have a safe and wonderful trip. We'll miss your witty and insightful posts.

  10. LOL - Yes - I should buy the membership, after all, I KNOW I'm going to need it soon. :)

    You know, my cell is web-enabled (I think that is what it is called), but I refuse to pay so much extra just to be tied to my phone for one more thing!

    Bandit is cute as always - how can you go wrong with that curly hair?? :)

    Thanks for stopping by and participating in Thingers last week! I've got the post up for this week. ~ Wendi


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