Tuesday, May 5, 2009

floating on the clouds...of Tuesday Thinger

Tuesday...my favorite day, because that means it is time for Tuesday Thingers, from the desk of Wendi's Book Corner!

So this weeks question involves clouds..pretty, fluffy clouds in lovely blue summer skies. Oh, wait...not that sort of cloud? I best re-read the question....

Questions: Have you looked at your LT Clouds? Were you surprised at any of the larger tags within the Tag Mirror? Any thoughts on the clouds in general?

No, I was right the first time. I like clouds that are all white and fluffy and look like kittens or bunny rabbits. Not the ones that go all grey and get real low in the sky...they sort of scare me, because I don't like lightening. But perhaps my fear of lightening is a topic for another day.

I am a bit short of time here this morning, places to go, thing to do {anyone want to come along on a ride to Philly...I need gas money ;-)}. So, let's get serious! Library Thing clouds. I have glanced at them before. Interesting but no real surprises. It sort of miffs me that two author, Cornwell and Grisham, that I have rather given up on, get the big old type. I plead the insanity of youth for owning so many of their books. But now I have an idea of some books that perhaps I need to Book Mooch out of here and make some room on my shelves for some of those poor TBR books we met yesterday.

Likewise, the subject cloud was not really surprising. A lot of Catholic books, a lot of mystery and suspense, a lot of Ireland and England, gardening and New Jersey. We are after all the Garden State...really.

But now the tag mirror was a surprise. First of all, I was totally unaware that it existed. Cool. And what really surprised me was the number of books that I have that others tag as Romance! Romance...I don't read romance. Speaking of romance, that issue will be raised again tomorrow, in my review. But back to romance..I had to click on it and see what was tagged that way. Some not huge surprises, like Jane Eyre and Cold Mountain. That is not really how I see those books, but I can see it, sort of. But then, as I paged down, who do I see but the LOUD COVERS, from last week, of Janet Evanovich. They are coming back to haunt me, I tell ya! And I don't really see them tagged as romance either,although she was always trying to pick between those two fellers, but it seems I am outvoted.

Well, I would muse on, but I must run...but first, do we have a pic of wee Bandit for your viewing pleasure?

Gosh, he looks so cozy, happy in his little cage crate! I love you little Bandit...lol


  1. I wish I could ride along to Philly with you - I love Philly! Bandit does look comfy in his crate. Our dog always hated her crate and never once stepped foot in it unless we made her.

  2. I'm always jealous of people who can participate in the TT meme :( Maybe I should get my act together and get my books on librarything - the intention is there, all I'm missing is the enthusiasm.

  3. don't feel bad for me. i put myself to sleep in my crate. my mom just got me a HUGE new blanket for my crate so it gets folded a billion times on itself so its 5ish inches thick. its plush and wonderful.

  4. Booktrash, I am with you. I am scared to sign up for any more commitments online, lest I find myself divorced. There's also Goodreads, and some other stuff that I've turned my back on. Pretty closed minded, I admit.

  5. Library Thing is a lovely thing...;-)

    Personally, I love the organization of my books that it gives me, the tags, the stats, the recommendations, the reviews...
    I am on Goodreads...sort of...but I have never got the same satisfaction there that I do on LT.
    It does not have to be a time draw. Yes, there are the groups and threads and that can be interesting. I wax and wane on reading those and posting....but even without all that I still love LT.

    Bandit...Bandit....you are such a pleasure hound! When will you be home? I miss you...lol

  6. I have some of the same issues with my clouds at LT -- I don't think it is representative of me as a reader when so many books (albeit OK ones) seem to dominate! You would think all I read is Sue Grafton or Nelson DeMille for Pete's sake! I love your writing on this ... I too feel a bit "embarrassed" by my larger tags! And I don't think I'm a romance reader either ... but I bet LT begs to differ. It wouldn't occur to me to tag "Cold Mountain" as a romance either...

  7. Ha! I don´t read romance either. But I guess other people think I do! Will have to fill out my tuesday thingers when I get back. Just in time for next tuesday...

  8. A trip to Philly does sound like fun, especially if the clouds are nice and fluffy, but alas, the cost of the plane ticket to get there would be too costly for me right now! :)

    I really like the Mirror Cloud, and have been thinking of going back and tagging some books just so I can participate a little more!

    Thanks for stopping by and participating in Thingers last week! I've got the post up for this week. ~ Wendi

    PS - Bandit is cute as usual - he looks so cute and cuddly!

  9. he is very cute...and very cuddly..because he likes to be held and cuddled

  10. your pup is adorable! I love the name bandit , I want to cuddle him :)

  11. believe me, he won't mind! ;-)

  12. the Mirror Tag is interesting, isn't it. You say potatoe, I say potatah ... That's me and my "I don't typically read chick lit" statement; yet my Mirror Cloud says otherwise!

  13. it's funny...do we see our books and therefore tag them as we would like them to be...I have determined I don't read romance...so I just don't tag them romance...but I can't get everyone else to agree with me! lol


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