Monday, January 30, 2012

Musing Monday..Plan? I Don't Need No Stinking Plan!

Nice and early Monday morning, so let's see what MizB at Should Be Reading is asking this week...

This week’s musing asks…
How far along are you in your current read before you start thinking about what you’ll read next?

Wait, let me get this right. You think I should be picking my next book to read while I am reading the current book? Really?

I may have mentioned it before, but when it comes to my reading, and actually when it come to this blog, I really have no..or very little..plan. It's how I roll. :-)
I remember first reading about fellow bloggers who keep a calendar of what has to be read and/or reviewed by a certain date. Log and charts and graphs, oh my! And I must say I was impressed. But I have no plan of following their plan...if that is not too many plans for you.

First, I am not the most organized of people. Not like one of those people who hoard stuff unplanned, but not up to keep some giant calender with my reading obligations. Which is maybe why I miss a few, or a lot, from time to time. If I am part of a tour, OK, I pay attention to that. But reviewing on or close to the publication date of a review book, as I attempt, not so good. But I am doing the best that I can, without trying too hard. If that makes sense.

Reading, even reading review books, is not my job. It is suppose to be fun. And keeping charts and graphs and such is too much like work to be fun. When it is not fun for me, I will just stop doing it.

So when do I pick my next read?
When I finish the current one.
I think "Hmmm..what will I read next?" I do consider what review books I have that will be coming up soon. And I consider if I have a library book that is due back soon sitting around.
But most of all I just consider what I feel like reading. Do I have one from a favorite author waiting, or one I read a great review of somewhere?
Do I want something more serious, or something a bit fast and lighter? A thriller, a cozy, non-fiction or, oh heavens, a memoir? It will all effect what I pick.
Right after I turn the last page of this one.


  1. I THINK I know what I'm reading next, but I always change my mind by the time I get to the end of my book. I love to go to the bookshelves and shop!

  2. is the right term since I have enough books to open a small store. And so many choices..

  3. You have the right idea, however, since I can't say no to review requests, I have so many and so behind that I have to choose what's next.

  4. oh, I didn't say I wasn't

  5. I totally don't have a plan because whatever I read affects my desire of what to read next. Like after spaghetti you might want sorbet instead of a big piece of cake. you know.

  6. I don't have a schedule nor will I ever make one, but I do think ahead. Here's my Musing
    Happy reading!
    Cathy @ Addicted to Books

  7. I usually don't plan ahead, I only want to be thinking about the book I'm reading now. However, if I have a Read-A-Thon schedule for that week, than I will plan what I am reading that week. Otherwise, I'm more or less like you, I have so many choices, why fret over what I will read next.

  8. I draw the line at charts and graphs...however, I do stack books on my office coffee table in order of TBR. But I know I can always change things up.

    Here's MY MUSING MONDAY POST - and here’s

  9. I was there .. finishing the last page, marking the e-book for 'archive' and then sitting there thinking what to read next .. I ended up picking the next book in the Fire & Ice series because, damn it, I had to find out what happens next!

  10. I like how planning "stinks"!! hahaha Awesome. I can't help thinking, but if I make a hardcore plan, I'll rebel against it before I know what I'm doing, so I gotta "plan" carefully... or it does stink!! And reading's FUN, right? :-) Love your answer. Thx for stopping by my Musings!

  11. You're a free spirit! I love it!

    I, however, am less free. I like a good list and a plan. ;-) I can be flexible when the mood strikes though. I don't "always" read the pile in order. I swear. ;-)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  12. I want to be like you! I'm always thinking about what to read next and it's kind of annoying :)

  13. I don't like to be too planned out either. Sometimes you don't know what mood you'll be in once you finish a book. There is nothing I hate more than HAVING to read a book at a certain time, which is why I struggle with the library!

  14. I like your way too. That's how I once read but since joining a book club and working in a bookstore, I find it no longer possible to be so free. There are always books calling out to me to be read and there sits my dilemma. Oh, I do love them so!

  15. I love those times when I get to pick books like you do, but I find that as I get more and more into blogging, my reading schedule becomes more and more dictated. Not surprisingly, though, I love my reading being scheduled. I'm a type-A, over-organized type of person though.

    I'm saying this now, though. January was my first month where every read was dictated to me. February is also the same way. By March, I'll probably be screaming to choose a book on a whim!

  16. As you saw on my post, I change my mind about what I'm reading even as I'm reading it- and it's so hard to pick the next one :) Right now I have 3 books that I'm thinking of reading "next"- so it's time to make a decision!


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