Friday, January 13, 2012

Belated Happy Birthday to Me...Belated Happy Birthday to Me.....

Really, I am going to sit down and write a couple of reviews today. Really.

But first, let me just say that yesterday, Thursday, was my birthday.
Now being past the half century a number of years, as shocking as that is to me, a huge celebration is not called for. But I will pause for a short round of applause and a huge number of good wishes.
Ok, we will move on.

I just want to bask in the warm, happy glow of my birthday gifts for just a moment.

First, the Niece bought me this lovely, huge, baking dish. Isn't it pretty?
I am a fan, without question, of primary colors in my kitchen.
And look at those great handles! Are they not a great idea?

Now the only question is what is the first thing I should make in it. Any suggestions out there? 
Isn't it pretty....

And then there are the Bro and Sil.
What did they get me?
They bought me an iPad2!!
Yes, they are very, very nice to me.
The ultimate electronic toy junky's desire!!
It is so pretty, even if they don't make them in primary colors.

Now, much to the Niece's disgust, I am not an Apple user.
So I have a bit of a learning curve to figure out  all the options here. The Niece gave me a quick tutorial last night, but I think I need to do a bit of reading and figure things out.
Anyhoo, that is how I roll.
Read the instructions.

Already, you might notice , that Sammy's pic is on the background. Isn't he so cute? Hi Sammy!
You have to take care of the important things first.
He had eaten a bit too much and, we found out shortly after this was taken, that his stomach was a bit upset. But I will leave you to figure that out, what happen, on your own.
Bottom line, he is still so cute. ;-)

It also give me the chance, now that I have an iPad,  to use this cool fold-out keyboard, made just for the iPad2, that I recently got from Amazon Vine.
Now why I requested it when I did not already have an iPad is another question.
Goes back to read the instructions thing in a way.

So, do any of you have an iPad?
I know you must!
What do you think of it? What are your favorite things about it? What is the number one..or two or three...things you think I must know?

But now all is well.
I am off to play with my new toy!!
Woo Hoo!!


  1. Happy Birthday! Enjoy that iPad. I can't offer an advice as I don't have one yet!

  2. Happy birthday to you!! We're on our second iPad, but I must confess I rarely use it - my husband loves it, though.

  3. Happy Birthday, even a day late! How nice your gifts are. No iPad here - iPhones but we haven't ventured into the Pad set yet. Enjoy it!

  4. I love love love my iPad .. you'll need to get either the Nook or the Kindle app, both are free; then there's the NetFlix app and the HBOGo app .. and Words With Friends, Scrabble .. enjoy it .. I know its my favorite toy evah

    Oh and where are my manners .. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CAITE!!!!!

  5. the Niece mentioned that...oh, a busy day ahead...

  6. Happy Birthday - and I don't consider it belated because I just found out about it.

    Such nice family you have - both gifts are perfect for you. You really do have the makings of a techie, so I know you'll love love love the iPad.

    Just don't ever abandon your camera. Best wishes for another great year.

  7. HAPPY Birthday!! I would make a really nice pasta and serve it in that dish. It is a fabulous color.

  8. Happy Birthday … you are loved indeed! And iPad is an amazing gift. My husband is rarely far from his. There are all kinds of nifty things you can do with it. It all depends on what you want out of it. Enjoy it all!

  9. Happy Birthday (few days late) to you from me Caite. (Guessing we are about the same age:)

    Love the yellow serving dish; awesome. The hub and I both have iPads, and he uses his all the time. I love mine but it's really my laptop and iPhone that are attached to my hip. (I play scrabble on the iPhone or iPad --so much fun. enjoy

  10. HAPPY BIRTHDAY WEE CAITE! Did you know that my husband's birthday was Thursday also? He just turned 51.

    I do not have an iPad, but I have an iPhone, and iPod, and just got a Macbook Air for Christmas. Apple owns my soul.

  11. I knew it...Apple is buying people's souls!!

    (written from my

  12. Another belated happy birthday wish and judging from your post, it was indeed a happy one! Can't help you with the ipad toy as I don't own one. Even if I did, I doubt with my limited tech knowledge that I could help you. Enjoy it!!!


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