Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tuesday Thinger...Just When You Thought It Could Get No Better.

Before we get to the best part of Bandit Day..Tuesday to the rest of the world...let's check out this week's question for Tuesday Thinger, hosted by Wendi of Wendi's Book Corner!

"The programmers over at Library Thing have worked hard for over two months to create a new feature that will help us users of the site to see where the books we are looking up are available... more details here. This is easy... you go to a book page, and there is a new link on the right hand side under the "Quick Links" section called "Get this book.""

Questions: Have you explored this great new feature? Can you think of any times this would be handy to use? Were any of the Local (bookstores or libraries) resources surprising? How did the Swap sites seem? Think you will use this feature in the future?

Now, you may be aware that I am fond of the Library Thing web site. Lots of useful book information, lots of fun book stuff for a book lover. But I must say, I think the programmers at LT have outdone themselves this time. This new feature Get This Book is just outstanding!

You have heard about a book somewhere. You have gone to LT to read about the book, to check out the ratings and reviews, because we all know the ratings and reviews there might be a bit more objective than at any Unnamed Retail Web Site Whose Name Begins With The Letter A But Will Remain Unnamed Because They See All and Know All.
It is a book that you must have. Now the choices begin.

Is it available in paperback..or audio? How about used copies? How about e-books...does the Evil Kindle have it or maybe the Sony Reader. And bottom line, what will it cost you? But, are you going to buy it? Or maybe you should borrow it from the library, or perhaps see if it is available at one of the swab sites at which you have points. Wow, so many options. How are you going to sort them all out? What to do....what to do!? Who will help you check out the options and make it all a bit easier?

Well, the new Library Thing feature, Get This Book, has it all, and on one convenient page!!
Editions available, your local bookstores and what they should have on hand, your local libraries and likely editions they will have. Look at that...a link right to my county library. A link to my local Big Book Store's website with hours and phone number and all. Audio versions, e-books, price comparisons, new, used. I must say...I am impressed.

Personally, it is all excellent and very useful, but I really love having the swap site information right there. I have mentioned it before, but I have not have the greatest success with BookMooch. No problem mooching books out...big problem find books I want to mooch in that are available. At least now I can see what the mooch situation is before I head over to BookMooch to have my heart broken yet again. It also has me thinking I maybe need to check out some of the other swap sites. I had no idea so many actually existed. Any of you, my dear readers, that have had good experiences with any of them?

Every week, we discuss another great feature of Library Thing. All in the attempt to entice you into the Library Thing fold. [[insert evil laugh here >:-) ]]
But really folks, if you don't belong to the site (free for listing the first 200 books, $25 for a lifetime membership and the ability to list an unlimited number of books in your library) or have not been active, and you are a book lover, someone in the market for books on an occasional, or constant, basis, you do really need to check out this feature. I am sure you will soon be one of us....[[insert evil laugh here, one more time! >:-) ]]

Speaking of one of us, let's see what our wee buddy Bandit is doing this week. Oh my, looks like he is dreaming of his very favorite food...PIZZA!
Oh, ok little Bandit, let's call the pizza man!


  1. kik. i went to the vet today. i got two shots but i was a very brave boy. dr. sammy said i was in very good health!!! i am happy and so is my mom! : )

  2. well, maybe you should lay off the pizza then.

    you should also check out the new LT feature. I am sure you can find books in Italian!

  3. Haven't tried this feature yet but I do love LT.

  4. Whoa...I noticed the new look but hadn't explored. I'm over there now if they've got the local library linked.

    Bandit...you almost make me want a dog!

  5. I'll have to check it out--I've been banned untill I fork up my $25.00 to use the site. I've reached my 200 book limit.

  6. kristen if you it before you will adore it now.

    tina..bandit almost makes ME wish I had a dog!

    kaye, they will let you on the site, just not add more books. but as I may have said before it was the best $25 I ever spent.

  7. Library Thing needs to hire you! I did check out the new feature and I think it's fantastic! I've always wondered what my dog dreams about - now I know.

  8. I suspect a lot of dog dreams involve food. Chasing things and eating food.

  9. To be honest about LibraryThing, I'm turned off by the price. I like how they have good statistics regarding your library (better in that sense over Goodreads), or that their ratings are a little more complex (not necessarily better than Goodreads), but I don't like that there's a cap and then a demand for money. Most websites manage fine without asking me to pay - I don't see why a fully functional site like LibraryThing needs it.

  10. Biblibio, well it is a business, with a staff..all listed on the site...to pay. My understanding is that most other sites like this sell advertising, which LT does not. And if they do not sell advertising, what sort of deal are these other sites doing to make money?

    $25, is I think very reasonaable for a lifetime membership. many people are no dobt happy with the 200 book limit and get total free use of the site. Beyond that a fee is required.
    You know what they say, contrary to what people seem to think, especially about the internet, there is no free lunch. Saleries, electric bills and such to pay. You pay, one way or the other. LT is just direct about it and in my opinion, totally reasonable for what you get.


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