Friday, November 20, 2009

One, Two, Three...Jump!

As we get older...and if you ain't dead, you're getting older... we reach a point where we start to worry about having strong bones. We don't want to be the old lady in the commercial who has fallen and can't get up, laying there with a broken hip. But how is the best way to do that? Do you have to join a gym, lift weights, walk for miles? As usual, just when you thing you know, the experts change their mind,. Vigorous walking, load bearing exercise...well maybe, maybe not. Seems some exercise helps and some does not. But according to an article in the NY Times, there is a simple, fast and totally free way that will work.
"...the current state-of-the-science message about exercise and bone building may be that, silly as it sounds, the best exercise is to simply jump up and down, for as long as the downstairs neighbor will tolerate. In studies in Japan, having mice jump up and land 40 times during a week increased their bone density significantly after 24 weeks, a gain they maintained by hopping up and down only about 20 or 30 times each week after that.

If hopping seems an undignified exercise regimen, bear in mind that it has one additional benefit: It tends to aid in balance, which may be as important as bone strength in keeping fractures at bay. Most of the time, Dr. Barry says, “fragile bones don’t matter, from a clinical standpoint, if you don’t fall down.”"
Free, quick, easy! You can't beat that and maybe you won't end up with a broken hip!
Although I do wonder how they got those mice to jump up and down.
Maybe they used this, the perfect song! "Round and round, up and down...One, two, three, kick... One, two, three, jump!"


  1. Too funny! But you're right...cheaper than a home gym or a membership!

  2. kik, lol! are you jumping up and down? i think not.

  3. Lets see to start with thats approx. 6 times a day for 6 months and then about 4-5 times a day each week after. Sounds to complicated! I just stick to walking. LOL

  4. I am playing that music and jumping right now!!

  5. I too will stick to walking and swimming thank you. All you jumpers let me know when you have your knee replacements from all that impact!. LOL (but maybe not).

  6. Okay, here's the sad part - I remember that song from my childhood. I could do quite a mean twist, let me tell you.

  7. sandy will be staying away from the gym, nise' and tina will be walking....kathy will be twisting...
    bandit will be eating pizza!

    Kathy it is not sad you remember that your age it is good you remember that far back!!
    I can say that because I am of a very similar

  8. Jumping? Not sure these old knees can handle that. Just three days going up and down stairs at my daughter's condo has left me with a swollen right knee and I'm back to using my cane. Not too much besides swimming helps us old folks with RA.

  9. If I'm to try this, I'm going to need a very good sports bra.

  10. Kaye, yes, I agree there are limits to who should consider this. like
    but I still think the theory is interesting.


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