Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tuesday Thinger and a Terrible Tiger! Grrrrrrrr...

It's Bandit Day....and Tuesday, so let's see what question Wendi from Wendi's Book Corner has for us this week.

Welcome to another week of Tuesday Thingers! We always love to hear from regular participants as well as new people.
Tonight's Thinger is quick and simple (I hope!). As I was looking over LT features and tabs, I realized that I didn't know where people were connecting to the site from, when they were doing it, and why!

Questions: Do you connect to Library Thing from home, work, mobile, other? When do you find yourself on Library Thing (throughout the day, evenings, etc)? Why do you primarily connect to LT?

I almost always connect to Library Thing from home. My cell phone is...just a phone. And I don't really want to push things and check in from work. Afterall, I have all my e-mail to read then!

Any time is the best time to check out Library Thing! I don't have a particular time that I go to LT, because odd shift worker that I am, I don't have a particular time I do anything, including necessities like sleeping and such.
But as to how I use it, usually I use LT as a research tool. As Wendi mentioned in her answer, I will frequently go to Library Thing to check the ratings and reviews on a book I see some out there on the World Wide Web. I also usually check out the author's page while I am there, to see else he or she wrote, if it is part of a series, what books they wrote are the most popular among LT members. I also like to check the books tags...you can get a lot of information about what a book is about from how it is tagged.

Of course, I also drop in to Library Thing, maybe weekly, to add any new books that have come my way. Library books, borrowed books, bought books...or otherly acquired books. I really try to be careful about doing that because for me, keeping track of my books has always been my primary LT use. If I don't keep on top of that, a book will sneal into my life unrecorded and then chaos will take over the world. Like one of those movies where aliens take over the world and start blowing stuff up. One unrecorded book is enough to set it all in motion. I just know it!
Yes, just a little OCDish maybe.

And then there are the groups. I do read some of the threads on there, especially the Green Dragon forum, always one of the most popular posted to group on Library Thing. Silly threads, serious threads, all sort of discussions. Once I would read the threads fairly thoroughly and post the occasional comment, but since starting my wee blog, I find I don't really have the time to spend there that I once did. As much as I love Library Thing, and you know I do, there are other demands on ones time. I still scan the thread titles and will read one that sounds very interesting...but there is only so much time in the day.

But there is always time for Bandit!! Now last week we had a problem with Little Bandit showing off his naughty bits, so let's see if we can find something that does not need editing this week.
Awww...that is better. Little Bandit playing with his little tiger toy. That doggie loves his toys....and I love him! Smile Bandit. You look very serious! ;-)


  1. I go to LT from my home PC, because I don't have a smart phone either. Since Bandit is a Gator, I'm wondering if that tiger is from LSU or Auburn.

  2. oh my yes! Bandit...why is that not a gator??

  3. HOORAY for bandit daY!!!

    thats my TIGRE!! its my very favorite.


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