Tuesday, November 3, 2009

What's The "Buzz" About Library Thing?

It's Tuesday, my favorite day of the week because Tuesday is Bandit Day...oh, and yes, of course it is Tuesday Thinger Day too. So let's check out what little know Library Thing fact Wendi at Wendi's Book Corner has found for us this week.

Questions: Were you aware that Library Thing had a Buzz page? Were you surprised by anything you saw or read on the Buzz page?

So what is the Buzz?? Again, to quote Wendi...
"This week we are looking at Buzz! That's right! Library Thing has a page to share what people are saying about Library Thing. The best part? They have areas for quotes from sites (including Wendi's Book Corner and a few others I'll bet you'll recognize), What Librarians are Saying, Prizes and Awards, Should It Be Illegal?, quotes from mainstream media, and even Tweets! So, take a peek and see what people are saying. :)"
No, I had no idea they had this Buzz page...do other people, sites, have Buzz pages too? Is this some sort of common thing here on the World Wide Web that I am unaware of. I must admit there are many thing I am unaware of, so I would not be surprised.

Now let me just say something about Library Thing. You, my dear readers, know how much I LOVE Library Thing. I am a fan. I admit it. But....I will say that finding your way around the site is sometimes not the easiest thing. I followed Wendi's link and there was the Buzz page. But then I went on the site directly and could not, for the life of me, find it. I imagine there may be many pages on LT that I am unaware of because I don't know where the heck they are!

We will see if that quote makes it to the Buzz page..lol.

I particularly like the "Well, *I* like the name..." and the "Should it be Illegal?" sections. A quote that really spoke to me is
"Introducing me to something like this is like setting an alcoholic adrift on a sea of vodka, in a leaky boat." ibts
So true 'ibts', so true.
It is a very big page, with many, many quotes. Some a bit odd, some in strange foreign languages. Some from names I recognized, many from ones that I do not. Which says a few things.
There are a lot of people out there in CyberLand. A lot.
Everything you say in Cyberland floats out there, forever and ever.
You never know who is reading what you say in CyberLand. So be careful. ;-)

So I looked and looked for a quote from caite on the Buzz page. If there is no quote, caite, the biggest fan that there is of LT after all, is going to pack up her LT toys and never mention it's name here again. Finally, I used the little "find" thingie and yes, there is a caite quote on the Buzz page. Not two like Wendi...no, just one... ;-)
"So I am happy to see I can use Library Thing once again for my one stop book needs."
Yep...truer words were never said!
Well, except that Bandit is my very favorite puppy in the whole world, so let's get our weekly Bandit fix! Bandit! Where are your pants!? There are Bandit bits all out in the open!

edited, because this is a family friendly site! lol


  1. I had no idea about the Buzz page either!

    What is the little "find" thingie? - help I couldn't find it!!

  2. Good thing you edited out the naughty bits!

  3. Books...I am referring to the search on this page or find on this page thingie in your browser. I use Foxfire, where it is under 'edit'.

    Lenore, the dog has no shame...lol

  4. thanks Caite - I found one quote from my blog!

  5. Just a test... Sending this from my iTouch

  6. You're right, LT isn't the easiest site to navigate. I tried to find the buzz page on my own and couldn't find it either. I thought maybe Bandit was in the Garden of Eden.

  7. That wouldn't let that devil doggie in the Garden of Eden...

  8. Oh, technology, I am so lost with it all.Why is the buzz page hidden? Is it a cover for covert ops? I gotta get out of the basement and stop reading these conspiracy books.

    Get Bandit a sailor shirt and pair him up with Donald Duck. Who needs pants anyway?

  9. i KEEP ASKING FOR PANTS!! i finally went to baby gap

  10. The Buzz Page sounds...um....interesting. But how interesting can it be if it can't really be found?! lol I'm just glad that I am not alone in thinking LibraryThings is a little confusing!

    I wish I could reach out and run Bandit's tummy! He's soooo cute! And proud. It's good he has, you, Caite to watch out for him and keep him modest! lol

  11. Wow! Bandit in a porn pose! Thanks for the leaf cover up! I love Bandit but I don't need to see his bits! : )

    And I really feel you should be paid by LibraryThing and be their spokesmodel!

  12. Bandit, it seems NO ONE wants to see your naughty bits. ;-)


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