Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tuesday Thinger...SantaThing is Coming to Town!

Yep, it's Bandit Tuesday and we have a very exciting picture of a Bandit outing (or so he says...) but first, let's check out out Tuesday Thinger question from Wendi's Book Corner.

It is about Library Thing's SantaThing. What is that you ask? Well...
What: Pay $25 to participate, and get up to $20 in books from your Secret Santa (the difference goes toward shipping)
When: Sign up between now and December 1st (that is NEXT week!) at 4 PM EST
Who: It is open to more countries this year (see full list), and you can sign up a non-LT member to receive books as well.
How: Become a Secret Santa, get a name/profile from LT, pick out books based on their library and/or wishes, then LT will place the orders and take care of shipping! ... wait for your package to arrive from your Secret Santa.

Questions: Have you ever participated in SantaThing (it is in its third year)? If so, what did you like? Dislike? Are you planning to participate this year?
It sounds like a nice idea, and many people on LT go on about how much they enjoyed it last year and how much fun it is but...no. No, I don't think I will be taking part.
First of all, as I mentioned before, while I love Christmas, I find it very stressful. Granted it does not take much any more to make me very stressed. Less and less all the time in fact. But when I get stress my back tightens up and there have been years that by Christmas I am almost unable to walk. So, I don't really need anymore stress.

And, for me, picking a present for someone is stressful. Granted, Lt makes it very easy. You can look at the person's library, see what they have, what they don't, recommendations based on books they have. You might have a book that you loved recently and if they do not have it is their library, you are all set. But still, it is one more thing to do and I don't really need another thing to do. I already have a Big List of Things That Ned To Be Done that I am not doing, thank you very much.

But it is a nice idea...

Speaking of things to do, Bandit is home from the Sunshine State for the holiday and I must go see him. He is so cute... :-)
Here is a picture of him of one of the favorite autumn past times of many (yours truly not included). You will take note that he is a gator fan...for some reason. I also suspect Bandit may have gotten his paws on a copy of Photoshop.

Go Gators!!


  1. That clever little photoshopper!

    No need to add to the stress of the holiday season...

  2. I'm not doing Santa Thing either since I'm doing the Book Blogger holiday swap. Milou will be rooting for the Hokies this weekend.

  3. Yes, I've got that Big List, too. And I guess I won't be adding SantaThing to it this year. But I agree it's a nice idea. Bandit looks so cute in his little hat - he's obviously a very clever little pup.

  4. I did SantaThing last year and while I enjoyed the books I got, I was disappointed that I never heard from my Secret Santa person (the one I sent books to). I never heard whether they liked them or not. Kind of disappointing in a way. Plus I agree with you ... I don't need one more thing to do this year!

    Love the Bandit phooto!

  5. Hmm, I can understand that - I did santathing the first year, but not last year and so thought that I would give it another go this year!!


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