Friday, July 6, 2012

A Room Full of Bones

A Room Full of Bones by Elly Griffiths
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, ISBN 978-0547271200
 July 3, 2012, 352 pages

"It is Halloween night, and the local museum in King's Lynn is preparing for an unusual event - the opening of a coffin containing the bones of a medieval bishop. But when Ruth Galloway arrives to supervise, she finds the museum's curator lying dead beside the coffin. It is only a matter of time before she and DI Nelson cross paths once more, as he is called in to investigate. Soon the museum's wealthy owner lies dead in his stables too. These two deaths could be from natural causes but Nelson isn't convinced. When threatening letters come to light, events take an even more sinister turn. But as Ruth's friends become involved, where will her loyalties lie? As her convictions are tested, she and Nelson must discover how Aboriginal skulls, drug smuggling and the mystery of The Dreaming may hold the answer to these deaths, and their own survival."

If you are very observant, this review might sound familiar. I posted it in March, long before the book was released in the US. But now it is available here, without sending for it from England, like a rabid fan might do, so I decided to repost it. Now you can run right out and get it, as you should!

I am a fan of this series, enough so that when I bought the third book in the series, The House at Sea's End, I went ahead and bought the fourth, A Room Full Of Bones, from The Book Depository as well. 
Ruth, the main character, is a big reason I like these books because, while she is a rather unlikely heroine, she is a great character. Overweight and approaching middle age, she gives little attention to her appearance. She is too busy for such matters. She lives in a tiny, lonely house on a deserted Norfolk beach, a place that most people find a bit creepy. She has an odd group of friends, with maybe the most odd and the most charming being Cathbad, who is a self proclaimed Druid, and she has a less than glamorous job as a professor of forensic archaeology at a local college. Well, it was less than glamorous until she got roped into assisting the police, in the person of DI Nelson, in the first two books, with some of the many crimes that seem to arise in the area involving finding some bones. She is becoming rather famous for some of her exploits now and her personal life took a very exciting turn at the end of book two when Ruth finds herself, as they say, with child.

Personally, I love the setting in Norfolk. Yes, it is by the sea, often wet and cold and windswept, but really, what better place for a murder...or murders? Storms, fog, dangerous tides rolling in, what could be better? And of course, with these two books we now have the added delightful character of Ruth's toddler daughter, Kate. Knowing Ruth in the first two books, you might be led to have your doubts about her fitness as a mother, as she does herself, but no worry. Ruth's growing relationship with wee Kate is lovely and we know she will excel at motherhood, if in her own way, as she excels at so many her own way.

Each of these books touches on some very real and quite serious subjects, from life in England during WWII in The House at Sea's End and secrets that some will kill to keep hidden, to the treatment of Aboriginal peoples and their remains and some major drugs deal on the English coast in A Room Full of Bones. But the author spins them with so many other little plots lines, some rather engaging, that it keeps the books from becoming too grim.
A charming series, if a series full of deaths and murder and piles of bones can be said to be charming. And these are! Four books with great characters, a great setting, good solid plots and all well written leads to a strong recommendation.


  1. Caite, this is so smart to repost your review. I reviewed this book back in January and I think that I will copy you and do this same thing. Any help we can give Elly Griffiths to increase her readership is all good, right? LOL

    1. you are right! I saw a few reviews ofthis around the last few days and wanted to remind people. Yes, she deserves a huge readership!

  2. I do remember this one but didn't put it on the list. It's going on there now!

  3. The Crossing Places, the first book in this series is $3.79 on Amazon Kindle this morning. Not sure if that's a sale price or regular price but I downloaded it anyway just in case. I can't wait to get into this series :)

  4. i do remember this review ... i dont remember if i pe-ordered it from or not ... gotta go look

  5. You are such an influence with these series! You tempt me, you really do. And then here is the first book on Kindle cheap. I'm just going to crawl under the bed.

    1. Take your Kindle with you under there so you download it. You know you must!!


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