Monday, July 16, 2012

Musing Monday...Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe..

Before we head out to start the day, let's check out this week's Musing Monday question from Miz B at Should Be Reading ..

This week’s musing asks…
What are you currently reading? Is it any good? Would you recommend it?

Well, I need a new book to start the new week, because I just finished a book last night. Late last night in fact, because I stayed up too late, on a 'school' night, to finish it and will, no doubt be paid back with some sleepy time at work today. So if I just had to finish it, I must have liked the book, right?
Well, I did, pretty much.

It is called Hell or High Water and is written by Joy Castro.
I won't tell you too much about it because I hope to have a review up tomorrow or Thursday, but generally it is about a newspaper reporter in New Orleans who get an assignment to write about sexual offenders at the same time as several woman have been kidnapped and found dead..and sexually the city.

I will say that while I had an issue or two with the book, it did have a great ending..which is why I was up late. But for my final opinion, I need to muse about it a little bit. Which I know is a mistake. I would be best to write my review the minute I put down a book. I tell myself that I need to give it a little time, to let my opinion settle, but in reality I am just lazy. And, as I have mentioned, a world class procrastinator.
Rarely does my opinion change really, rarely do my insights deepen. I just hate to get started. Even though I know there is a danger that if I do not write it right away, I may never write it.

Let me ask you who write reviews, on a blog or Amazon or Library Thing or Goodreads, review every book you read? And if not, how do you pick what will get the treatment and which will not?

I admit I do not. I review, I think on average, about 2 books a week but I usually read more than that. And I will also admit I have no plan as to what I review. But I do know that the longer I wait, the more I 'muse', the less likely that I will ever put pen to paper about it. So much for clarifying my thoughts!
I try to give any ARCs or review copies my best try. Especially if someone is e-mailing me asking how my review is goming.. ;-)
Unless it is really, really bad book. I hate to write a really bad review and usually do it only when it is a book that there is a lot of buzz about.
Odd? No!
I feel I should throw my negative opinion in the hat, warn you maybe, so you don't go out and buy a book just because everyone seems to be reading it. But I am much more likely to write a review about a book I love. It's like you just have to go out and tell your book loving friends about this great one you just finished.

Or sometimes I use that very scientific method.."Eeny, meeny, miny, moe...!"
What about you?


  1. I have a blog where I post each book I've read. I call them reviews, however, they are just reminders for me as to whether I enjoyed the book or not. It is more or less a private blog, but also open to the public. I am not what I would call a reviewer, I call myself a reader of books, not a reviewer. I call the blog "Book Lust Journal" and that is what it is a journal of the books I read.

    I don't have a book started for this week, so I guess I will have to play your game "Eeny, meeny, miny, moe...!

  2. I do review every book I read. And I do generally write the review with a day of reading the book. I don't always publish the review right away, but I get it written up while it is still fresh. I don't read more then two books in a week (usually) though, so it is not such a project for me.

    My MM.

  3. I try to mention every book I read. I have a what else I read on the last day of the month. Like you I sometimes put off writing the review and it makes it harder when I do sit down. Here is my musing post:

  4. I keep track of the books I read on my blog but I don't necessarily review them.

  5. I do review everything I read. But I have such a hard time getting motivated to write them sometimes. I do find that once I start it, I'm fine.

  6. I review everything I finish on my blog. Have you picked your next book yet?

  7. I review everything mainly because the books I'm reading have either been requested for a review or they are part of one of the reading challenges I'm signed up in. Unfortunately, I haven't been reading anything just for fun. I need to change that next year! Famous last words :)

  8. I feel like I need to review everything I read for some reason … which is why I'm behind something like 30 reviews. I just don't have the time. However, some books just get "mini reviews," when I don't have much to say about them or I just don't think they deserve a full review.

  9. Hi! Thanks for the visit to my blog!

    I almost always review the books I read. It's another part of my fanatically 'completist' personalty!

  10. I only review books that I accept for review or ones that I feel like reviewing. There's no way on earth I would feel like reviewing everything I read. The rest of the time is for reading what I feel like and with an endless tbr/wish list and 2 e readers overloaded, as it is, I'll never get around to all of them. Just like to know they are there and I have options.


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