Monday, June 6, 2011

Musing Monday..These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things.

What is this week's question for the desk of MizB over at  Should Be Reading ..

This week’s musing asks…
Where is your favorite place to read?

Well, I will tell you where is not my favorite place to read.
On vacation.

I have mentioned this before, but I rarely read on vacation. I just got back from a delightful two week cruise. A lovely balcony to sit on, a comfortable chair, beautiful views. It should be ideal. And on that cruise I read one book. One book. On the other hand, my SIL who, with the Bro, were on the cruise with me, read 6 books.
I tried, without success, to get her to write a review or two for my little blog.
No go.

So where do I like to read? I have mentioned that I read a lot at work when I work the night shift. The wee hours of the morning, when things are quiet, are a fine time to get a lot of reading done, but I will admit it is not my favorite time or place to read. At 2 a.m. I would rather be at home, asleep, as would any sane person.

No, my favorite place to read is....
At home in my recliner. I like to have my feet up when I read. Not fully reclining like in bed, which just puts me to sleep. It is a balance between comfort and TOO much comfort. A footrest of some sort, a hassock, will do. Maybe on the couch, sitting up but with my feet up.
But nothing beats a nice recliner! A cup of tea, in cool weather a little comforter, good light, feet up, a good book.

Can't beat it.


  1. Oh wow - I can't believe you weren't able to read on vacation. What did you do instead? Was there too much to see and do? Too much retail therapy to partake in? Hope you can catch up on some reading now you're back!!

  2. I agree with you, the recliner is one of the best places to read. But with two active kids I rarely get to stay in it for more than a few minutes at the time! I do love to read on vacation, but not more than one or two books, there is so many other things I'd like to do and see :) Hugs from Anette (and thank you so much for visiting my blog :)

  3. Yay to recliners!! I do read in bed, but like you, not long because I fall asleep. I also know what you mean about vacations.

  4. I wouldn't read that much reading on vacation either, except for at night before going to sleep. There's to much other stuff to do.

    Here's My MM

  5. I can't read in bed, it gives me a backache, but I do love my recliners, I have them in my reading corner, and on the front porch. I would love to be able to read in bed though, but it just doesn't work for me.

  6. Early to bed, a good book, apple or a pear & a cup of tea. Perfect end to a day!

  7. I completely agree with recliner, but not bed - and tea is a necessity.

  8. I love to read at home, but on vacation, at the beach, is probably the best place in the world to read. Tell your SIL that your readers demand a review from her!

  9. Welcome back!! Can't wait to see some of your photos. I am a big vacation reader ... to me, it is part of what a vacation is!

  10. I can't imagine going away on a two week vacation and not being able to read, but whatever rocks your boat :) My brother packs his vacation with activities so I can understand why reading just doesn't get doen

    Here's my Musing Mondays (June 6) post!

  11. I guess I like to be doing stuff on vacation..and end up too tired to read.
    This time, I was on a cruise, for you that don't know. Naples, Athens, Istanbul, Crotia, Ephesus..a new port almost every day, 'new' ancient ruins to climb over. I was too tired to stay awake and read.

  12. I wish I could read reclining but two minutes with my feet up head relaxed and I am out. I even write in my journal in the morning on the couch some times and you will see me back asleep like I didn't sleep through the night.


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