Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Boys Go To The Beach

Last year, Bandit went to the beach. This year is Sammy's see if he can swim! Swim...or sink!


Oh, at least my buddy Bandit is here now too!
Hey, I can swim!

Does anyone have a blow dryer??


  1. They look so different wet - so thin! Maybe we should all try swimming! :--)

  2. LOL on Jill's comment! Swimming doesn't help me much. In fact it makes me feel like a whale! Good for the puppies. Beaches are so much fun for them.

  3. I will agree about Bandit...and his spindly legs. (Shhhhhh...I think is a little sensitive about them)
    But Sammy...thin? Not so much. ;-)

    They are so cute together though.

  4. LOVE the canine narrative through photos! They are adorable and so photogenic!


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