Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Deceiving, Thieving, Booze Hound on Bandit Tuesday

Now, these photos tell a story, are sort of a recreation of an incident involving Bandit.

But before I tell you the story, let me just say Bandit is, without question the best cared for and most loved dog in the universe. So do not read this and call the police or report us to the humane society.
But see...Bandit has an issue. He is, quite literally, a Booze Hound.
The dog loves alcohol.
I have never had a dog that liked alcohol, who seeks it out like he does. When I was a kid, and my family owned a bar, I saw a dog that liked to drink, the dog of a couple that were regular customers and who loved to drink beer. But that was my only experience with alcohol loving dogs...until the well known thief...Bandit.

So, anyhoo, a week or two ago, my niece, my Sil, my aunt and I went, on a Sunday afternoon, to a baby shower and left wee Bandit in the care of my brother. Now, as my brother is want to do, while relaxing, sitting in the family room, catching up on the computer, he made himself an adult beverage. In this case a margarita. Then, since he was doing laundry at the same time, a buzzer went off on the dryer and he had to leave the room to check that out and, not thinking, left his barely touched drink, unguarded. He came back to an empty glass...and a soon to be, very drunk Bandit.

My brother waited an hour or so before he called us to tell what had happened, I assume in case a trip to the emergency vet was in order. But no, it was not, because it seems Bandit can hold his liquor.

I can also assure you that my brother will not be leaving his drinks unattended in the future.

So, in a recreation of the event, let me present Bandit, The Deceiving, Thieving, Booze Hound!!

"oh, look, someone left a drink unattended!

One tequila, two tequila, three tequila...floor!


  1. Finn and Emmy would booze if they could too. They especially like Bailey's.

  2. Oh mine, that's must be fun to watch Bandit in the drunken stage..

  3. Lenore, drunk cats seem even worse! I mean all cats have is their dignity. Or so they think.

    Icy BC..it seems wrong to laugh at him...but yes, it is very funny.

  4. OMG! Thanks for the laughs. Does he get hangovers too? He's still so adorable, drunk or sober!

  5. That's what you get for letting Bandit go off to college and all those frat parties! LOL

    I'm amazed that your brother could hear the dryer - my husband says the tone of the buzzer is one that men can't hear.

  6. What a riot! Bandit was certainly living up to his name!

  7. That's hilarious! But really, who CAN resist a margarita?!

    Does Bandit suffer from hangovers? 'Cause you know what's good for that, right? A little hair of the...er...okay. I won't say it.


  8. That is so funny! If someone spills beer at out house, which happens occasionally, our dog is right there to lick it up.

  9. Diane, yes and water will not do at all.

    Kathy, my brother excels at laundry..ironing...vacuuming...table arrangements...he is really quite domestic.

    rhapsodyinbooks, he may well appear and deny it, but he is a bandit.

    Kaye and Heather, I know it affects his wee bladder, but how can you tell if he has a hangover?

    carol, you spill beer in your house? what a sin...lol

  10. So funny! Poor dog!

    My cat loves the smell of coffee (loves to play with the empty coffee containers, and hangs all over my shoulder when I'm drinking it), but hasn't tried to steal any from my cup yet.

  11. Bad doggy! I'm sure glad he doesn't live in my house, as we do love our wine. Bandit might find himself with a liver problem!

  12. Poor dog Alyce?
    I say poor bro. He lost the drink! lol

    Sandy, I do worry he may be losing brain cells..and he only has a few.

  13. Haha. I have to get it in while I can!!

  14. Even Bandit's fall from grace (or the wagon?) is adorably cute!


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