Friday, November 6, 2009

The Perfect Christmas Gift...or a Total Waste of Money?

Okay, here is something I totally do not get. A dedicated tweeting device. Yes, you can have unlimited mobile tweeting...and nothing else.
According to the folks at CNet News"The idea behind TwitterPeek is simple. After buying the device, users need only to input their Twitter credentials to get going. The gadget lets them tweet, reply, retweet, send direct messages, and download followers. It supports one account at a time. Users can also view TwitPics by clicking the "view content" option from the TwitterPeek menu. The company claims its battery lasts three to four days with average usage.

Included in the price of TwitterPeek is a service plan."
For the modest sum of $199 you can have this device and a lifetime of mobile tweets it seems.
Or you can just tweet from your Blackberry, or iPhone or various mobile devices that do other stuff as well, right? Not sure that I see the need for this device, but if you are a serious, serious twitter fan you might...I guess.

So anyone going to get one for yourself or a special someone that is Twitter obsessed? Personally, I think I will pass it up. Especially since I am not the biggest Twitter user out there.


  1. I don't Tweet, so obviously I am not the target audience for this device. But in general I am all about devices that have multiple uses. I don't enjoy carrying three things with me wherever I go! I just shake my head at this...why not buy a $200 phone with a keyboard?????

  2. It seems kind of silly to me! Twitter is not really something anyone needs a dedicated device for. I'd rather have an iphone or a blackberry like you said.

  3. Sounds like a stupid idea as Sandy and Meghan have already said, but I guess there are some people with more money than sense out there!

  4. i have seem write ups on two tech web sites and everyone seems to think it is a terrible idea. glad I don't have any money invested in this one!

  5. my mom has left me with this message:

    if the college kids aren't tweeting (at least the ones at UF) who is!?!?!?! how is this "fad" lasting so long?? i think its the dumbest thing ever!!!!!!!!!!!! i don't believe that anyone cares what i'm saying or thinking at every moment of the day. and if they do? well then we have some bigger problems than just twitter.

  6. Let's see . .$199 to spend.

    Useless Twitter device or 1,530 books at the next Library $3.00 bag sale?

    Well, I guess you know the answer to that one. There's a fool born every minute as someone said, can't remember who. P.T. Barnum, maybe?

  7. Bandit, you don't Twitter? Actually, I have read it is actually older people that tweet and it just starting to catch on in the younger set like yourself Bandit..not me but some older folks.

    Kaye, you have put it all in perspective! thank

  8. Now certainly you must admit this is more evil than the Kindle.

  9. this one seems not so Evil as silly...

  10. I love Twitter. I work in a newsroom and have found it's a great way to connect with our viewers. We have received a lot of tips and feedback. But I would NEVER spend money on an item like this. I did buy a Blackberry when I was able to get a new phone because I knew I would use the Internet and I am on Twitter daily, but it has more than a Tweeting purpose. I am going to do some searching to see if I can find ANYONE who uses one of these!


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