Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Super Storm Sandy

Well, they are calling Sandy a Super Storm, and that she is.
I say is, because she is not yet finished, moving inland to bring her rain and high winds to a huge part of the eastern part of the country. Why should we on the coast be the only ones?

I thought I would just drop a word to let ya all know Fat Giant Cat Larry and I am alive and well.
As you can see, since I am writing this, I actually still have electric and internet and did all night except for a very brief time or two. Amazing! That is because I rush to get my laundry from the trip done before the storm hit. But the day is not over yet and I do not assume I might not lose it yet. I have not gone outside yet to look for damage, but nothing big is down, no trees on my car or such and I hope the roof is ok, because let me tell ya, at about 11 PM to 3 AM the wind was scary loud.
And since I am on the mainland, and about 20 feet above sea level, as I discovered during our last storm, the flooding and terrible storm surge did not effect me. Even though they say the eye of the storm hit between Atlantic City and Ocean City...which is right where I am.

The barrier islands along the whole coast of NJ are another matter. So far, the damage looks bad, very bad, including a big hunk of the AC Boardwalk, which was washed away. Not the first time..but impressive. Whole towns are flooded, I can only imagine what the rest of the coast is like and I must say I am happy Gov. Christie is the man in charge of starting to deal with it.

But maybe the most damage may actually be north of us, in NY City and Connecticut and Rhode Island, where the flooding from the Raritan Bay and Long Island Sound is extensive. The worse damage to the NY subways ever. Tunnels flooded, electric out.
I remember my trip out to LI awhile ago, on my way to Nantucket, to Fire Island and Montauk in beautiful sunny weather. I can only wonder how they made out.

I had two beautiful weeks in Italy, perfect weather until the last day then the rain and chilly temperatures arrived in Venice and they started to suffer their own flooding, called the Acqua Alta, when the tides rises and low areas, like St. Marks Plaza and many, many other places flood. It happens almost every year and people and businesses are ready. Stores, hotel, houses, business, put up the special metal gates they have to protect their doorways. People pull on their rubber boots, platforms to walk on go up and life goes on.

If only Sandy's aftermath was go easy.


  1. Thanks for the update, I thought of you often and so glad you and Larry are alright.

  2. So glad to hear that you're OK. I was thinking about you and others as the reports came in. Such a late season hurricane. Hopefully, this is the last for this year. Take care!

  3. Yes, there is a lot of damage from that storm. I'm glad you and Larry are okay.

  4. I have been thinking about you and so glad to see this post about you and Larry being safe. What an awful storm for so many people!

  5. So glad you have electricity! That is so critical!!!!

  6. I've been thinking about you, because I knew you lived right around the area that was getting head-on. It does usually happen though that the winds and damage happen on that one particular side of storms. Somebody told me yesterday they would probably retire the name "Sandy" from the naming system...

  7. So glad you came through ok. Take care

  8. I'm glad you made it out with minimal damage. We did too … despite being right in the path when it hit land. It was much milder here than I I thought it would be … and I'm very thankful for that. I was worried about you but glad to hear you didn't get flooded or blown away.

  9. HOpe you are okay. I feel so bad for all the people on the east coast.

  10. Just stopping by because I was wondering how you made out with Sandy. Glad u r fine and well, I feel so bad for all the poor storm victims.I've been a bad blogger and needed to catch up on many many blogs. Hope you've been doing well.


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