Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wordless Wednesday- Canada Place

Thought I would try this out.
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  1. The white against the blue is nice.

  2. I was just going to comment that this is a new thing for you! I love doing WW. It is a nice, peaceful break in the week between book reviews! This is a beautiful picture, but I'm trying to figure out what it is!

  3. It's nice to meet fellow bookies sharing pictures. Your picture looks nautical--I like the contrast of the white against the blue sky too. If you want to wander down my road I’m home.

  4. mom says vancouver is still one of her favorite places EVER EVER. probably bc the pan-pacific is so AMAZING!

  5. well, they said

    I took it at Canada Place, on the waterfront of Vancouver, at the beginning of the great Alaska Adventure.
    Canada Place included expo space, the Pan Pacific Hotel, where we stayed, and the dock for several cruise lines, including Holland America, that we were on.

    This view is of these sail like things that make up the roof of the main building, looking down the walkway that goes out to the water and the docks, back toward the street.

    Beth and Sandy, of course I got the WW idea from ya all.

    kaye, if there is one thing I have, it is lots of photos.

    Bandit, you mom is right. It is a lovely city and a lovely hotel. I wish I were there right now. of course with your Bandit!

  6. I want to see Canada Place after seeing that picture.

  7. It is a cool place, in a cool city. I totally recommend a visit..if you need someone to go with you, let me and Bandit know! ;-)

    I must figure out why my profile pic is not showing up. i though I had, but it seems not...hmmmm

  8. Thanks for your comments on my post. I am so impressed that you knew where it was taken. I definitely recognize your picture. Hope that you had a neat cruise!

  9. Carly, if you look around here you will notice I have a bit of a thing about lighthouses. I have a couple of pics of that one in your picture as well..

  10. Great photo :-)
    I also just wanted to say thank you for commenting on the FTC post yesterday. You guys got a great discussion going! :-)

  11. marie, we don't often have access to an internet and media attorney for explain these things to us.

    Btw, the afore mentioned Great Alaskan Adventure was paid for totally by Caite and an opinion of the city of Vancouver is free of any outside influence.
    Except Bandit.


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