Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wordless Wednesday- The Cloisters, NYC

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  1. Very peaceful. I can almost imagine myself, under that tree, sitting in a lounge chair with my Kindle.

  2. I'll be sitting right next to Sandy with my Kindle 2 :)

    I love the garden at the foot of those lovely arches.

  3. I can bring my Kindle 2 and my Sony Pocket e-Reader and share one of them with you!

  4. you people are just cruel, mooking wee caite like that! I will just reach in my bag, next to my camera and lunch and take out my book! maybe you all have heard of them?

    and don't blame me when they disappear! ;-)

  5. Great photoo, Caite! I love the cloisters, it's a wonderful spot to go in late Spring/early Summer and in Fall. There are some other beautiful gardens up that way too, amazing!
    I think I'd probably just bring a BOOK! lol


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