Thursday, October 15, 2009

It's Lighthouse Time Again!

My dear readers and fellow lighthouse lovers, it that almost that very special time of year again, the weekend of the New Jersey Lighthouse Challenge. What is the Lighthouse Challenge you ask. Well, according to the N.J. Lighthouse Society website (cool sound effects!)...
"The New Jersey Lighthouse Challenge® (a/k/a Lighthouse Challenge and the Challenge) is a non-profit event sponsored by the New Jersey Lighthouse Society (a/k/a NJLHS and the Society) for the purpose of raising awareness of and educating the public about lighthouses in general and New Jersey’s lighthouses, specifically. It is a two day event during which participants are “challenged” to visit each of New Jersey’s 11 land based lighthouses and 2 1st Order Fresnel Lenses on display at the Barnegat Historical Museum and the Cape May County Historical Museum. In 2009, we are celebrating our 10th Anniversary of presenting this event. To celebrate, we have added a Bonus Site - Ludlam’s Beach and two Bonus boat trips."
Now, I have mentioned this event before, but this year is very special. Yes, it is the challenge's 10th anniversary and that is special. But it is also, it seems, the last challenge for the near future. The folks that have organized it in the past have resigned and there is no replacement in sight, so if you live in the area and have though about doing it, this might be your LAST CHANCE! If you are interested, all the information is at their sight, with directions to all the lighthouses and times and such.

Sadly, I am working this weekend and can not take part, but I will be doing the Delaware Bay boat trip on Friday, to check out some of our water bound lighthouses.
Just my luck, I think some nasty weather is forecast, so we will see how that goes! :-)


  1. I'm feeling the need for a road trip!

  2. I hope the weather stays nice so you can go on your boat trip.

  3. Someday I'm gonna get to that museum so I can see a real 1st order Fresnel lens up close and personal. We have a 2nd order here in The Maine Lighthouse museum and that one's big enough. Hope the weekend is a success.

  4. Sandy, in the spring I am going to Gainesville for a week to dog sit for my niece and I know I will be working in a couple of day trips to some lighthouses in FL!

    Kathy, it is already

    Tina, they are really big and very impressive, maybe even more so out of the lighthouse where you get a better idea of the scale.

  5. If I were close enough, I'd love to do this!


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