Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Chance to Rant and Library Thing Together! How Perfect!

Oh my, it is late but still Tuesday. Once again that darn job and having to work for a living has delayed the really important things in life like Tuesday Thinger! So let's wander over to Wendi's Book Corner and check out this week's question. And maybe we will reward you with a wee picture of wee Bandit when we are done.

Questions: Do you read ebooks? Have you used Library Thing to record ebooks in your book shelves? Whether you do or don't currently read ebooks, if you read one, will you be including it in your book shelves, and will you tag it as an ebook?

You know, I try to be good. Try to keep the obsession under control and not rant about the Evil E-Books and then Wendi has to bring the topic up again. Well, what am I to do...I will have to talk about e-books, right? :-)
Now this may come as a surprise to you, my dear readers, but I do actually 'own' a few e-books, locked away somewhere on my computer. I have actually read a couple of them. I did not love the experience but I read them. Why, you may ask? Because they were free! And I was foolish and did not realize I would not like the format. Now some of you fans of those horrible e-reader devices will blame my lack of a pleasurable experience on the fact, perhaps, that I read them on a PC rather than an Evil Kindle device or such, and I admit, grudgingly, there may be something to that. But that was not the question was it? Which was...

Do I read e-books? No, not as a general rule. The few I read, in some distant past, like a couple of years ago, will remain unmentioned. I was motivated only by curiosity (it was a new idea) or greed (as I said, they were free). But if/when I do take up buying and reading e-books then yes, I will include them in my Library Thing library. Because as you may or may not remember, the primary reason I joined Library Thing was to keep track of my books. What I own, what I have read, what I own but have not read, what I borrowed, what I gave away. So I don't make the very foolish mistake of buying the same book twice.
Which has happen.
More than once.
So 'real' books, e-books, audio books or whatever form of books they come up with, they are all going in my LT library. And yes, I will tag them as such and in fact, most likely put them in their own collections.

But it seems that, at least for the foreseeable future, they will be very small collections. Tiny, empty collections.

Speaking of tiny things, I wonder how little Bandit is. I asked him to send me a picture of how he looked after his haircut last week, but he didn't, the little rascal.
So, since there is a chill in the air and the holiday season will be here before you know it, here is an old one, from Bandit's Christmas card last year. It goes nicely with the picture in my profile at the moment, wee caite with Santa. I'm beginning to think snowy, winter thoughts....


  1. Oh Caite Caite Caite ... what shall we do with you and your ridiculous prejudice against e-books ... now I find that you read them on your computer?????? Silly girl. You need to try ... just try ... a Kindle. If need be, I shall meet you and LEND you my beloved Kindle and you may read ONE book and tell me HONESTLY what you thought.

  2. I have read only one Ebook, an ER I got from LT last year. It was a wonderful book, and I plan to buy it if and when it ever appears in paper, but I found the reading on the computer to be very stressful.

    Now a Kindle is a whole different boat.....I'd love to have one, and have resisted only because I know i'd go broke downloading books. I've seen them, and pantingly covet one.

    So I'll have to agree with Jenners...try it...you'll like it.

  3. Jenners is trying to take me over to The Dark Side...EEEEEK!

    I will have you know that I read half a book on a Sony Reader..I was not impressed. I swear I actually tied to turn the page..lol

  4. Bandit can come sit under my Christmas tree anytime!

  5. Kathy, that is not fair! You 'claim' to already have the world's cutest dog.

    Which we know is not true ;-)

  6. kik! sorry about the picture. i forgot!!!!!! i have a lot of things on my mind these days - particularly my RAWHIDE-ALTERNATIVE (made out of pig skin, not cow skin)

    anyway mom got a game called the sims. she says you and her used to play and she forgot how fun it was. i've also been buy playing that.....its the only chance i have to boss ppl around!!!!!!

  7. darn...my picture is gone...again!

    as to you Bandit, you are very distracted. this is why Tuesday can never be Bandit Day!

  8. Oh Bandit is such a cutie! Love tht Christmas card pic! I think he wants a candy cane!

  9. I would much rather read a print book, but when I can get Ebooks from small press authors for $6 instead of $15, I tend to go that way. I picked up a Netbook and take it to bed with me to read -- much better than reading at my desktop. I may get a Sony Reader, though.

  10. should I mention i bought ab iTouch (for the music...andd the games...and the cool apps...) and actually downloaded a couple of free books to see what the experience of reading them on it is like. I think it was the Stanza app I used..and it is not bad. you can change the font, the type size, the background..and when you turn a page you get this visual of turning a page. which amuses me...lol


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