Monday, June 22, 2009

more books...more books...Musing Monday about more books

Let's start our week by checking out this weeks musing question from the desk of Just One More Page... Today’s MUSING MONDAYS post is about library borrowing…

Do you restrict yourself on how many books you take out from the library at a time? Do you borrow books if you already have some out? Do you always reborrow books you don’t get to?

Yes, The Library. That loved and most admired place, that rarely visited place, the library.

I have written about my very early, very happy memories of the public library system. The library is a wonderful place, a wonderful resource and if I needed any books, I would be there in a flash. They make is so easy these days, even putting the catalog online, letting you check to see if they have the book you want, seeing if another branch might and reserving it if the book is out at the moment, even calling when it comes in. Short of dropping it at my door, turning to the first page and making me a cup of tea, with a cookie, there is nothing more they could do to make it a more pleasant experience.

But...that is assuming that I was in need of books and I can assure you, I am not. My more than three week/book non-reading vacation has made that situation even more extreme. I have ARCs on hand that should have been read and reviewed weeks (or months) ago. And of course, I just had to visit several bookstores on my trip, with excellent sections of Alaskan fiction and non-fiction and it just seemed rude to leave the store without buying something.
A simply equation- On Hand ARCs + vacation purchased books + ARCs delivered while on vacation + the Towering TBR pile = No Need For Library Books.

Now that being said...I did visit the library a few months ago to take out a book that I had read reviews of and very much wanted to read. I believe I wrote about that trip. I came home with not only the book I went to borrow but two books from the Book Sale table (hey, they were like 25 cents!)and had to use huge amounts of self control (..and I have so very little!) in order not to borrow several other new books I saw on the shelves. Painful.

I admit it.
I am a book addict.
I have a weakness for buying books, even when I am in no need of books and may already have more on hand than I will ever read in the near future.
I like to own them.
I like to have them.
And while the library is a wonderful place...they WANT THE BOOKS BACK! So that is another issue, library-wise. No need for books, no desire to give them, no visits are planned to the library on a regular basis in my future. Now if...a big IF...if I borrow a book from the library, it would be given top priority in my book universe. One book taken out, to read at once, no reborrowing needed. But I have no plans to visit the library in the near future. Not until the day I am all caught up on my reading.

At least that is what I tell myself. :-)

...and now, a Whale Tail picture and a glacier picture from my trip that has nothing at all to do with my post!


  1. Gosh, I haven't been to the library in ages - for the reasons you mentioned. It just doesn't seem right to bring MORE books with a reading deadline into the house when I have so many reading commitments already.

  2. I rarely visit the library these days myself. Your pictures are gorgeous.

  3. true Lenore...unless it is a book you really, really want to read. lol
    After all, reading is ultimately about enjoying yourself!

    thanks kathy...I have thousands.

  4. I'm with you 100%! My equation is suspiciously like yours ... in fact, I think I could have my own library!

    Love the photos!

  5. I totally agree with you - there's almost something mean about making book addicts RETURN books.

    And I love your whale!

  6. jenners, I could start a library...except I would have to let people take the books out of my house. With some books, that would be an issue.

    rebecca, it is, of course, not actually my whale...I could not take it home for

  7. I'm on a first name basis with everyone at the Library! It has saved my budget and I can indulge in my habit but you are right...they want the books back! LOL.

  8. LOL. I have a similar problem with a pile of ARCs not to mention a pile of regular books I own and need to read but I can't resist the library! I think I'm a library addict. My answer is up Debbie's World of Books

  9. Gorgeous photos! I am in awe.
    I buy books b/c I'm obsessed. lol.

    Here's mine:

  10. Same with me...I love to buy books regardless if I need them. LOL

  11. You don't know what your missing at the library LOL.

    Your photos are amazing!

  12. Hi!
    My limited income prevents me from buying lots of books, so 99% of my books come from the library. Awesome photos!! Have a great day!


  13. You're right, having to return the books is such a drag!

    GREAT pics by the way. Glad you had an awesome time. I want to go to Alaska badly, but happen to be the furtherest (?) way in the states.

  14. I love this post.

    I go to the library several times a week. If I didn't and bought all the books I wanted, I probably wouldn't have a place to stay! =)

    You have a lot of control if you can check out one book at a time when you do visit the library. I check out at least five at a time. The problem is that I'm always going to the library so the pile always grow.

    You're right when you said that libraries make everything easier for users. I love my library system.

  15. One of the things I like about libraries as opposed to buying books is that often if the book ends up disappointing me, I'm pleased I didn't waste money on actually purchasing it. Plus, then I don't have that twinge of annoyance every time I see it on my shelf later. There are advantages here and there are advantages there but I certainly hold libraries in the highest esteem.


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