Thursday, June 25, 2009

I'd Rather Have a Burger Please!

I have mentioned, have I not, that I was on a trip recently, haven't I? Yes, I think
Well, somewhere on the journey, I was presented with the chance to eat escargot, a chance i passed up by the way. I assume it was on the cruise ship, because, quite honestly, the restaurants in the rest of Alaska lean more toward fish and chips. Which is a very good thing in my mind, especially with a nice beer, maybe an IPA...yes....

But, back to the escargot. Before they crawl away. Since, of course, escargot are more commonly known as snails. Those creepy, nasty looking things that you might have in you garden, waving their little horned heads at you. Never ate them, never plan too, and this account of a snail 'feast' in the Irish Times, while quite amusing, reminded me why.
A short time before she left for home, we had our first shower of rain in two months. The snails, surprised by this good fortune, came out of their hiding places in battalions to graze on the lawn.

“Escargots!” said Danyele in raptures. “They are so delicious, specially with the butter a la Bourguignonne.

“But you can’t eat those snails,” I said. “They’re ordinary snails, not like the special snails you get in France.”

“It makes no matter. These are les petits gris. We cook them in Corsica all the time. It is very mad not to eat escargots. They cost you nothing except the butter, and they are very well.”

Well, anything for peace. We collected a box of snails and left them overnight, hoping to starve the harm out of them. I, for one, went uneasily to bed. Next morning the brutes, instead of being shyly curled up in their shells, were rampant and entwined round each other in what was, probably, a farewell embrace. I have rarely seen a less mouth-watering sight...

I put them into a basin with a handful of salt, a dash of vinegar, and some water. When I came back, two hours later, the snails were in their shells (dead, I presume), and the basin was filled with drifts of congealed slime.


Now, another pic from the trip. Met this much larger critter in Denali National Park, where I am sure she is very happy not to be on anyone's dinner plate.


  1. cool picture, funny story, I'm sure I'd pass on the escargot as well.

  2. Have eaten escargots in France, they were delicious but on the chewy side. No slime. :-)

    That bear picture is amazing!

  3. two words that should go together.

    thank you, it is a good picture, if I do say so myself. it was even more amazing in person.

  4. How appetizing ... NOT! I'm with you ... pass the burger, keep the snails.

    And I LOVE the bear photo! : )

  5. That's an incredible pic!

    Got an award, and thought I'd pass it on to you. Here you go :)


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