Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Collections!! What a Happy Day on Tuesday Thinger!!

If yesterday was Monday, this must be Tuesday. I miss those mats in the elevators telling you what day it is, so I am a little confused. But I do know if it is Tuesday, it must be time for Tuesday Thinger and time to see what is going on over at Library Thing! So, from Wendi's Book Corner"
...some wonderful news from the Library Thing Blog!

You can now add books to different collections and then view just those collections! Some of the pre-designed collections include: Wishlist, Currently Reading, To Read, Read But Unowned, and Favorites. Then of course you can add your own collections too!
Questions: Have you explored the new Collections feature? Do you plan to use the new Collections? Are you going to add any special collections? If so, what are they?"

Oh my, I leave for a few weeks, and the holy grail of Library Thing has appeared! This has been perhaps the most anticipated feature among many, many members, long discussed on various threads. It was promised and promised, "literally years in the making", and at last, it has appeared!

I will most certainly use it, but I will have to give careful consideration to exactly how. This is nothing to rush into, because LT is all about the organization. Nice, neat, lovely collections...
I know for sure it will not be some sort of read/unread thing. While, as I have said before, I am not intimidated by my rather large TBR pile, I am not sure that I want that collection staring at me all the time. Also, I tend to forget to move them from one to the other as you would know if you saw my Goodreads list...useless.
Now that "Read but not owned one" is good, for library books or books I gave away or that left me in various ways. It might save me looking for a book in my house that I know I read but can't seem to find anymore. Afterall, LT is all about helping me keep track of my books.

But that all will take some thought. And many happy hours fooling around with it.
What I must say is that, as is usually the case with Library Thing, I am very happy that they have left it so open, left it up to you to personalize it and use it however you want to.

As Tim, our fearless LT leader, has said, it is still a work in progress and no doubt the various ways to use it will be happily discussed and debated in the various threads and more features added...and I will be checking them out.

Oh, more lovely neat lists.....

...and now a picture of Bandit, on his first visit to the Ocean City boardwalk...


  1. Well Bandit is certainly enjoying the beach. He's a cutie.

  2. I think "read but unowned" will be the most useful. But I love the idea of a wishlist. Right now I just have mine at amazon.

  3. I think the new collections feature is great, but I'm not sure I'll use it much, I think it could be a time suck and I sure don't need any more of those!

  4. I already have a computereized "wish list" for close to a thousand books. I'm old, wee Caite. No way will I live long enough to even read those. I sure don't need to start another list or reiterating the one I have. There are only so many hours in the day and as Kathy so eloquently put it, it could be a time suck and as wee Caite has said, "I don't need no stinkin'" time suck! When the hay are you coming home?

  5. Well, I now see I should have read your Monday post before jumping right into the Tuesday post. I see that you ARE home and so welcome back to the real world.

  6. who says the 'real' world is so great? If I had the money...and no need for a time draining job...I would travel the world for a few years I think.

    I agree that collections could be a time drain. but since I don't twitter, I have a lot more time than some bloggers...lol

    and it will just be so tidy.

    can you spell OCD?? ;-)

  7. You are your twitter jabs! :)

    Best picture of Bandit ever!

  8. Love the Bandit pic!

    I doubt I'll ever make time to use this new feature but it looks like a great thing to have.

  9. amy, twitter jabs? me? lol...lol

    Yvonne, some thing are so important, you must make the time. ;-)

  10. I am in the process of writing a book on Jersey City, NJ. Can you help me find a publisher?

  11. Such a cute doggie. And how lucky to be taken to the beach!!

  12. i think the doggie likes the beach...since he is smiling!

  13. This is cool! I checked it out a little bit and I think you are right ... it requires some thought before I got in and start messing around and then feel like I have to change it later.

    And Bandit is adorable! That can't be recent though ... nothing but rain around here!

    And I know what you mean about the days of the week on the cruise ships! I didn't realize that was what it was ... I thought they named the elevators after different days. Duh! I'm such a moron sometimes!

  14. I believe that picture was taken right after I left for vacation. It was some sort of walk to raise money for the Humane Society in Ocean City I think....so there have been a couple of sunny days.

    I am way behind on updating my LT books...and writing reviews...and reading ARC.....and just about everything! lol...what day is it BTW?

  15. Neat perspective on that cutie pic of Bandit, it almost looks like he was superimposed (super adorable, too!)

  16. yes, it does, but I assure you he is not. He was really there! :-)


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