Wednesday, June 24, 2009

It's All About ME...and Library Thing!

Yes, it is Wednesday, and not even early Wednesday, but I am just now doing my Tuesday Thinger. Well, I blame Wendi, who was late posting the question this week over at Wendi's Book Corner. Ok, she has some excuse about being away, on vacation or

Actually, that is not the real reason. I was just working, and I think my boss might have an issue with me blogging at work. So, better late than never! Let's check out this week's question about my favorite site in the whole world, the beloved Library Thing!

Questions: What areas of Library Thing do you find confusing or frustrating? The team at LT seem to be continually updating things at the site. Is there anything in particular that you would like to see updated or changed?

I can't say that I find anything very confusing. Well, no more than I am generally confused in real life. I have zero sense of direction and so am often lost. I have a real problem remembering right from left...always have, always will. Have considered (ok, not seriously) having a BIG R and L tattooed on the back of my respective hands. So, do I get a little lost on occasion when wandering about LT...yes, but I think that is mostly me. Now, I am not sure why, but I get totally lost on Goodreads. Ever time I wander over there, I totally forget how to enter new books for example. But I blame Goodreads, not me.
Mostly just because I love Library Thing and my love is true and exclusive. :-)

Looking at a few other answers, it seems a number of people have an issue with 'finding' friends on Library Thing. Well, I don't have that problem, but maybe just because I have never tried. See, for me, LT is all about my books. And me. Me and my books. Neat, organized, tagged, organized lists of my books. Other people are only important in how they relate to my books. Reviews, recommendations, discussions of books I own or might like to own. I don't use LT as a social site,although I do belong to and participate in several groups there to a small degree.
Gosh, does that sound anti-social? Yes, but only because I am actually rather anti-social. My books and I and my imaginary kitty Kitty are quite happy with the wonderful Library Thing.

Ok, there is one thing I would actually like to see changed. I would like to see it look a little more snazzy. Not going overboard, with bookshelves or stuff like that. No, that would be too much and the only 'too much' I want is the number of books I own. I know that minor changes have been made in that regard and there have been some discussions about a new 'look' and I think that would be nice. Yes, it is superficial, I know. But that is just me, a superficial, anti-social soul, wandering about in a slightly confused state. :-)

And now, our weekly Bandit picture, another from his trip to the Ocean City boardwalk a few week ago. I have been told the cone was banana and strawberry.


  1. Your boss has a problem with you blogging at work? What is wrong with him? Doesn't he know you have faithful followers who are patiently waiting at their computers for the latest word from you? Bandit is adorable as always.

  2. no, and I don't think I will be discussing it with

  3. bandit is one pampered pooch!

    I am often confused at Library Thing. I like it just so I can list my books and have their cool widget in my side bar. I love watching the covers flash and change. I don't answere the thinger questions anymore because all my answers were "hmmm, I didn't know about that." But Wendi is doing a good job teaching me how to use Library thing.

  4. I have to say I love banana flavoured ice cream.

  5. Do you think Bandit would like a banana popsicle? I just bought a whole box yesterday. yum yum!
    I hear you about Goodreads. I go there so seldom but occasionally post a review there and every time I spend a few minutes trying to figure out how I did it the last time. I think your next vacation should be anywhere there are penguins!


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