Saturday, February 7, 2009

A Very Special Guest Post

Today, my dear readers, we are very privileged to have a guest post from a very talented young fellow, someone who has been mentioned here on my blog before, the Cutest Dog in the Whole World, Bandit. In case you didn't know it (and because my niece will be very upset with me if I don't mention it) you can visit Bandit at his very own blog "the world from down here" .

A week ago, I flew down to Florida to visit my niece and Bandit and while I was there, we all took a road trip, Bandit's first real road trip, to the historic city of St. Augustine and he was so excited that he wanted share some of his experiences there and to show you all some pictures of his trip. Because he really likes pictures of himself. A lot.

Hi! My name is Bandit and it is very nice of my Great Aunt know her as let me tell you about my trip with her and my mom, my grandpop and grandmom and aunt Elly to St. Augustine. Kiki knew there was a lighthouse there, so there was no stopping her. I don't know why, but  she really likes lighthouses. Don't I look so cute in my new blue sweater? I am not sure blue is my color. Do you think it makes my butt look fat?
Come on! Let's all pile in the car and get going!

I had never been on a road trip before. I am only 6 months old. I loved looking out the window and sometimes they opened it a bit so I could stick my nose out and smell all sorts of new things. Are we there yet?

This is the lighthouse at St. Augustine beach. It was very high and I am very short, so I did not climb to the top. Me and grandmom stayed at the bottom while everyone else climbed all those steps. I am sure Kiki...oh, I mean Caite...will tell you more about the lighthouse in the future. I liked the stripes because it looked sort of like a candycane. Gosh, all this sea air is making me hungry. I hope we have lunch soon. I really like pizza.
This is a very old fort in St. Augustine called 'The Castillo de San Marcos'. They say it was finished being built in 1695. Wow, that is really old. I liked all the grass to run on. Can you see the snowflakes and snowman on my sweater?
After that, we went to a street a few blocks away with a lot of pretty old Spanish buildings and a lot of nice stores and a lot of people and musicians and lots of other dogs walking with their people.
This man was sitting very, very still outside a store. He looks sort of green and he didn't jump when I licked him. But I really like his hat.
These little people thought that I was very cute, which I am, and wanted me to stop and play. Hey! Where did my sweather go?? Did you see my sweater little girl? Who took my sweater?

Well, it was a very long day and my legs are very short, so by the time we started to drive home, I was happy to find a nice place to lay down and get some sun. Gosh, my mustache is looking a bit gray!

But I am just a baby!

See, here is a picture of my half one year birthday party on Sunday. There were a lot of people there and a lot of food and there was also some sort of big football game on the TV. But I know they really all came for my birthday and my mom gave me a cupcake and they all sang.
And then they were all starting watching the football game again.

But I got the cupcake!

I hope you enjoyed my post about my trip and remember, you can all come visit me on my blog!

Thanks Kiki!


  1. Bandit is awfully cute!

  2. Bandit is beyond adorable.

    And the picture of him in front of the lighthouse is just priceless.

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  4. what is beyond adorable.....

    that pic at the lighthouse had to be snapped pretty quickly. Bandit was zipped up in his Vera Bradley travel bag when we were admitted and I am not sure what their puppy policy actually is...and did not want to find out. I hate getting thrown out of places.

  5. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post. The narrator did a good job, kept up my interest until the last page, uh, or would that be pawprint?

  6. Lurve the pic of Bandit in the car. What a cutie!

  7. seems like im really rackin' up some comments for you. did you remember to put a link to my blog anywhere!?!

  8. nevermind, i found it, lol. (and your little comment about it)

  9. little Bandit's head will be getting so big he won't be able to fit into that sweater any more....

  10. Bandit, you are gorgeous. Briar, my border terrier is condidering doing some blogging and I will make sure she visits your blog if she does.

  11. What a lovely guest post, Bandit! :)

    My favorite pic is you looking out over the fort in your *cool* snowflake sweater.

  12. Any picture he is in is his

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  14. Funny, I received the exact same anonymous comment on my blog a few days ago (word for word)...

  15. yes...I think someone is up to some mischief. I hesitate to wonder where that link might go...but it is gone now.


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