Sunday, February 22, 2009

Musing Monday...about where I left my library card.

Well, it is the start of a new week, so let's all mosy over to Just One More Page and check out this weeks musing!

"Today’s MUSING MONDAYS post is about the library…
How often do you visit the library? Do you have a scheduled library day/time, or do you go whenever? Do you go alone, or take people with you?"

Library...the library....I that the place that loans out books for free? I think they have periodicals and maybe videos there too. Is that the place?

Of course, I am joshing.
But in all honesty, I rarely go to the library these day. That being said, I was actually there this week. But that was an aberration.
If you have read on my blog before, no doubt you are familiar with my oft mentioned towering To Be Read pile. The one that is threatening to fall over and crush my
imaginary kitty, Kitty {{meow...meow...good kitty}} In fact, I know for a fact that many of you have a very similar TBR pile somewhere in your own house. So since I have found a number of ways to SCORE FREE BOOKS gratefully receive free review copies, I am not really in need of any additional reading material at the moment.

Why did I go this week? Well, I was reading a particularly gushing review of The School of Essential Ingredients, a book I was not able to get as an ARC, one of those review copies. I was actually considering buying it, but then checked the on-line catalog of my county library, and low and behold, they had it. Not at my branch and out on loan but I put it on hold and they called me in just a few days that it was in. Imagine that!
But here is where the real danger started. It was terrible! Scary!!
Because, when I went to the library, first I had to pass several shelves in the entryway, filled with books they were selling for 10 cents-25 cents. I DON”T NEED MORE BOOKS! But what a bargain.. BUT I DON"T NEED MORE BOOKS!! That is just so, so wrong to have those there, right out in the open. Like laying out a table of drugs for an addict, opening a beer for an alcoholic!
I was strong.

I only bought one.

But then, right next to the checkout desk, were the 'new books' shelves. I glanced, just glanced and saw at least 5 books I have been reading about. But I did not pick one up, not one. Kitty would be so upset if I came home with more books. I was able to sneak the two I had into the house under my coat, but Kitty is very sharp. The librarian might have wondered about my soft sobs , my halting steps, as I exited though.

I love libraries, don't get me wrong. My childhood is filled with happy memories of libraries. In fact, one of my earliest memories is walking to our local branch with my mom, an avid reader, when I was just a very wee Caite, coming home with a big tote bags filled with books. Granted, most were hers... This was before I was old enough to get my own library card, the receiving of which was a happy, memorable day in my life. I was happy to spend as much time as possible, upstairs in the children's section, reading, browsing, as she made her weekly choices downstairs.

And I was a student in the dark, pre-Internet day, when one had to actually go to a library to do research. I grew up in Newark NJ, a city that did not have much good about it except a very nice library system. I can remember as a teenager, going to the main public library building downtown, a lovely building, doing research for papers and reports. Searching the microfiche for magazine and newspaper articles, the old wooden card catalogs with actual cards, searching the stacks. I can remember this room where they had with just big files of images, huge folders. I was doing a paper on the Hudson River school of painting and they had all these prints that I could request and look at....I thought it was wonderful! I spent many a happy, happy day wandering around that library...

What was the question?? Oh, do I go to the library?
I visit about every year or On no particular day then, of course.
Alone or with people? Well, if I went, I would go alone. One needs to concentrate, not idly chatting and such. Unless I bring someone to help carry my loot....that's an idea. Leave my hands free. But no talking.

That is what lunch is for.


  1. Lol great post! My own TBR mountain is pretty scary... and getting scarier all the time since library books get read first!

  2. Yes, well the library actually wants them back by a certain date! The nerve...

  3. I don't go to the library much anymore either, but I have been the last 2 weeks. There must be something in the air!

  4. i love the library sales where you can get tons of books. Just a few weeks ago my library had one where you paid a dollar and for that you could take all the books you could fit in your bag. So basically it was heaven.
    Mine is up here

  5. I just want say how much your post made me laugh! I actually called my sister in to listen to the part about the book sale by the door and, as the person who usually drags me away, she just rolled her eyes and said something to the effect of "oh man, there are two of you." So, thanks!

  6. My mum works in a library so I spent a lot of time in libraries as a child too. But I still do now!

  7. My husband does not understand the pain and suffering we all suffer when we walk by a book bin, or when I go to Target or Borders and HAVE TO BUY A BOOK!!!! It is an addiction, but hey, there are worse ones out there. I do order books online from our library, and they are delivered to my house. So I don't have to actually visit often. Sometimes I do just for fun, when I have time, but always end up walking out with more than I can read. BTW, I just ordered the School of Essential Ingredients on audio book from the library. I'm so excited!

  8. I go through stages with the library. But the last few years I've been a regular user. I love owning books, but I don't always want to spend the money.

  9. Yes, those towering TBR's, I know them well. I was going through mine yesterday and it fell on me. My kitties stay out of the scary TBR room. LOL

  10. Great reminder of the Library book sales. Mine has an ongoing one and then a couple of huge "special room sales" each year. I donate and I buy.

  11. Caite, great post as always. I never read one of yours without snickering, and then generally an outright laugh! Library book sales are my undoing. The last time they had a sale, I came home with 94 books. Well, I do have an excuse, my husband kept saying, this looks good, oh, how about this one? What could I do? Slap him sill then and there? No! I just said, put it in the bag. Ha ha I just love the library. (even though they want the books back)

  12. Very good post! Thanks for sharing :)

  13. Rebecca, I am happy to know that I am not alone. You can help carry my books!
    Sandy, yes, it is an addiction. The first step in recovery is acknowledging it. SO STOP!
    Yvonne, I told Kitty it could happen! I just knew it. Wait, you have a whole room of idol.
    Happy no kitties, real or imagined, were injured.
    Kaye...snickering?! laughter?!

  14. Kaye...'that looks good' is not actually an excuse. You know that right? ;-)

  15. Great post - it gave a chuckle. Yes I remember the good old days of going to the library and doing research for a paper. I went to the library weekly in my younger years. Alas no more. My post is up now.

  16. on behalf of my mommy she wants you to know she gets to the library about 3 times a week. its quite a social hotspot on campus. does that count? she took out a book once..a leisure book in fact.

    btw, kiki - ever heard of bookswim? the netflix of books? i kind of wanted to join but i don't have much time to read because im always busy with stupid school.

    oh yeah...MOM got a KINDLE?!?!?! DAD got a NETBOOK?!?! this disturbs me. technology is only good for them in SMALL doses...

  17. LOL! The sale shelf is my downfall too...but my library sells their books for a dollar. If they were .25, oh man I'd be in trouble.

    Cheryl-Unadorned Book Reviews

  18. 10 cents for paperback!
    it is terrible!! lol

    Bandit, I think your mom needs to go to the library to actually STUDY.
    Bandit...I am confused. Who got the Kindle, your niece, or your grandmother, my sil?

    Of course your grandfather had to get a netbook. he saw mine and had a serious case of netbook envy.

  19. as to Bookswim.. I am not paying if I don't get to keep the book. I am even too cheap to join Netflix. I refuse to have another monthly expense. the library is free! if I needed books that is...

  20. I put School of Essential Ingredients on reserve yesterday as well :)

    I have huge library of books I've collected over the years, and I still buy on occasion. But the older I get, the more I try to pare down possessions. I like to go into the bookstore and make a list of all the new stuff to get from the library ;)

  21. I have to say I love my library. And it's wonderful for kids books, too.

  22. ravenous, you are very strong! a great idea, to pare down...but it means actually getting rid of stuff!

    Carol, libraries are great places for kids. so long as you can keep them quiet. :-)

  23. That is a great post. I have a huge TBR pile but I love the library. I have a great fear of missing something quite wonderful if I don't go in to check every time I am in the area! And may I tag you for this photo meme?

  24. I only look for books that I am not really desperate after. The most popular fiction titles, unfortunately are also ones I'm interested, have very long waiting lists.

  25. It makes me realise I might have a problem when I have to drive down to my library when it only takes five minutes to walk - because I always borrow far too many books to carry home!

    And your research method back in your college days makes me feel I'm cheating with the online journals and the internet!

  26. Hi!
    Love your post, but that is where 99% of my books come from. No money in the budget for books. Well, once in awhile I buy one! Thanks for stopping by my place. Have a great evening!


  27. Yes Mae, once upon a time, students actually had to go to the library to look up stuff. No working, sitting in your PJs at your laptop, any old time of the day or night. Hard to believe but true!


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