Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tuesday Thinger, looking for the cheap and easy.

Once again it is Tuesday, and in spite of the fact that I worked last night after just flying back home from a wee weekend vacation in the Sunshine State and am very, very tired...but now, you don't want to hear my issues, do you? But you will hear about the trip soon anyhoo, because there was a LIGHTHOUSE and the World's Cutest Dog involved. But until then, this weeks Tuesday Thinger from Wendi's Book Corner.

Today's question: Do you post links to your reviews? Here on Library Thing, or anywhere else? How else do you like to promote your site?

I post my reviews here, of course, and usually a shorter version on Library Thing and usually, but not always, that shorter version on Amazon as well. No where else.

Do I post links to my reviews? Well, sometimes. I used to be very good about it and post links on a couple of Library Thing threads, like Penny for Your Thoughts. But more recently I have not, for no reason except that I am a wee bit lazy at times. I mean, there is the whole thing of having to first read the book, and then writing the review and posting the review with hyperlinks and downloading a cover image...josh, golly gee, I am tired already!

Of course, I guess that part of the point of writing reviews, beside my own amusement, and I am easily amused, is too get others to read and comment on what I write. Enjoy it, get an idea, share some thing I liked, whatever. But to do that, they do have to find the blog, right?
BTW...let me just take a moment to say I LIVE FOR YOUR COMMENTS! PLEASE COMMENT! (hmmm...does guilt work? let's see!) So if you read my wee blog from time to time, please take a moment to say something, preferably something really clever, but I will take what I can get. PLEASE!)

So back to my point. I know a degree of self promotion is important to get someone to read what you post. But I guess I just hope that readers will somehow be attracted by the quality of my posts and forced by curiosity to come back often. Since that is not always successful, I guess that I should work on the promotion more. But there in lies the problem. It is work! And takes a lot of time! And I have a bit of an issue with the whole book giveaway thing, as I have commented on before. And only so many hours in the day.

So I will be interested to read other's answers, hoping maybe to find some good (easy, quick, cheap) ideas. That's me...easy and cheap! :-)


  1. I am so inconsistent with posting links to my reviews. Usually I only do it when I really liked the book or I'm really "proud" of my review :)

  2. I generally post my reviews at Amazon and on Good Reads.

  3. ...you think I could just copy and paste reviews to GoodReads, but I don't. Not sure why..that 'work' think maybe....

  4. I post on LT, Good Reads and amazon. I don't do the link thing - I'm not sure why - I think I figured it wouldn't bring any traffic.

  5. I post long excerpts of my reviews at LT with a link and sometimes at Amazon (where my reviewer profile has a link to my blog). But in general self-promotion is not a forte of mine. The only real-life friend who reads my blog is always scolding me about it, but I just don't have the personality for it. I don't like to do gimmicky book giveaways. Like you, I'd rather just write good stuff (or try to) and hope people slowly find out about it.

    Probably a stupid idea. If there were some more authentic and organic way of promoting I might be more into it. Guess I should give it some creative thought.

  6. Hey! It can't be stupid if we both thought it.

    Can it?

    If you can come up with any good ideas, let me know, ok? I have no imagination.

  7. I can really relate to what you said! Although I would cross out lazy and simply say tired! Yes, by the time I read the book, write the review, spell-check, add the links, look up the author and book info, post it, then add the review to Amazon, LT, GoodReads, etc, I am TIRED! I don't think I'm exagerating to say that I easily spend 2-3+ hours per review just writing it up. Posting on other sites takes time too, and then I generally get too tired to add links anywhere else!

    LOL - probably more than you needed to know, but I thought I'd let you know that I don't think you are lazy! Plus - as you said - we all love comments!

    Thanks for stopping by and participating in Thingers last week! I've got the post up for this week. ~ Wendi

  8. I usually forget to post my reviews on other sites and then spend a bunch of time getting caught back up.


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