Monday, July 8, 2013

Musing Monday..Death Benefits

 Did you have a long holiday weekend? Well, it is over.
It is Monday and time to Muse!
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Are you familiar with the web site BookBub?
Cool service.
Every day they send you an e-mail with several e-books from Amazon, Apple and Barnes and Noble that are free or greatly reduced in price that you can download. A lot of them do not interest me. Or rather they do, but I know I must not download books that just look 'good' as I have far too many already. But every once in a while one catches my attention. A real gem! Maybe an early book by a writer I like or one I missed being offered on a special deal.
Or a real weird one.
Like the one I saw when I open Saturday's e-mail. There, last on the list is...

Sidney Sheldon's The Tide of Memory
by Tilly Bagshawe

What? Wait a minute. Sidney Shelton is dead. The guy whose name in on the cover in the Big Type. He can't write books anymore. So why is his name on there? Well, it seems that The Tide of Memory ,"Bagshawe's dynamic novel, is commissioned by the late Sheldon's family and written in his style."

Really? Can I say I am writing a book in the style of Charles Dickens and put his name on the cover as if he wrote it? This is crazy. And dishonest. a ploy by money hungry survivors of his I assume.

Bad enough James Patterson is putting his name on books that he does not write. In an interview he admitted he only comes up with the 'concept'  for the book and someone else actually writes it. Perhaps in Patterson style? I have no idea because I would not read them just on principle. But at least he is still alive and I assume has some involvement with the finished product.
But Sidney Sheldon is long dead.


  1. Well gee I guess I have to sign up with BookBub so I can yet have another way for books to take my money from me and to accumulate yet more books since we already can't see over the pile on the coffee table. But what the heck, right?!!! :--)

    1. remember, quite a few are free too! ;-)

    2. ..and remember, many are free!
      no thanks

  2. Talk about bait and switch!

  3. i am not in agreement ... it might be dishonest if the actual author's name wasnt on the book but it is and while i havent read it or the fly leaf i am suspecting the 'written in the style of' might have been explained there ...

    1. I hate to say it, but you are wrong. Just wrong.
      written in the style = rip off of fans of dead authors. lol

  4. Yeah, I'm not crazy about that either. I also don't like it when they hire someone to finish an author's unfinished work. Just leave it alone!

  5. I have noticed those "Sheldon" books, too, and it gave me the creeps. I would not buy them just because I know that he DIDN'T write them...and who is this Tilly Bagshawe?

    I loved Sheldon's books...and these new versions seem like sleazy "copies."


  6. That is kind of a cheat. It is amazing what people do for money.

  7. I think it's just another marketing strategy to get people to buy their book. I guess most of the times I really don't care much about who wrote what so long as it's an awesome book, I'll buy it. :)

    Andrea K. @ Books and Bindings
    Musing Mondays
    Monday Madness

  8. Gracious...guess I'll just have to sign up for the ole BookBub as well ;)
    I'm not gonna read books by people who are dead, written by people who aren't dead...see? that sentence doesn't even make sense. James Patterson jerked me around a while and then when I realized what was actually happening, it kinda ticked me off. No thanks.
    I LOVED Sidney Sheldon's books when I was in high school :)

  9. I actually find it a little amusing when I see this kind of book --- like a new author is channeling the dead.


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