Saturday, December 15, 2012

Weekend Cooking..It's Almost Christmas!!

Did you miss me last week?
It was, I believe, the first time I did not post a Weekend Cooking post.
But things just got away from me. Even though I had several days off on vacation, what with the buying and wrapping and changing lightbulbs in the outdoor decorations, I ran out of time. And then there was the fact that I cooked nothing. Not a thing.

And this week is not much better.
At least I finally got the Christmas cake started. Lots of fruit, fresh and dried.
A drop of rum...that bottle started full. 



It sits now, not looking too attractive..aging.
Then It will get it's marzipan and royal icing finish and lovely it will look.


..and after. Ok, this one was a few years ago...
I should be baking cookies. But I have not. Instead, I bought several pounds of 'cemetery' cookies. Why do I call them that? Well, you see, my parents and my Sil's father and grandparents are buried in the same cemetery in North Jersey, in the town of East Hanover. So every year, I fill my car with evergreen grave blankets and make the trek north. That can be chilly work, but years ago we found this nice Italian bakery not too far away.


A beverage...a snack...


..and several boxes of delicious treats to bring home.


And look, a stollen! 
Bandit loves stollen! 


But I will probably still make a few cookies. If only to use these cute little cutters I bought the same day at IKEA. Look, there are little elves and a reindeer, a sled and a big elf shoe. 
Gingerbread or sugar?


And then one last stop.
At Trader Joe's.
Sadly, we do not have one down here. And I heard they have this really good frozen roasted corn that I am going to use to make a Mexican corn salad.

See, we are having a Mexican Food Christmas. No turkey for us, no rib roast. Not a goose in sight. Nope, it will be enchiladas and tamales and black beans and a slow roasted pork roast served with tortillas and all the fixing. 
And don't forget the guacamole!

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  1. Caite, your Christmas Cake looks delicious! We have the traditional Christmas dinner, but I love Mexican food and guacamole too. Have a happy weekend!

  2. My you have been busy and that Italian bakery looks devine!

  3. You know I love (seeing and hearing about) your Christmas cake! I already made (and we ate) FOUR rum cakes this season. My motto is: practice, practice, practice!

  4. Sounds like I should invite myself over for Christmas dinner -- Mexican food is a nice idea! I'll have a big piece of that cake, please. :)

  5. I love the Mexican Christmas idea; I can't wait to read all about it. And Trader Joe's frozen corn is the best.

  6. I'm loving the big elf shoe cookie cutter! Too cute! No trader Joe's near us at all. We stock up on some things when we go north.

    1. I wish I had a pair of real elf a bell on the toe!

      maybe I could get a pair made...

  7. That cake is beautiful-I just came back from France and brought back many delicious Christmas treats.

  8. I love the cookie cutters! Merry Christmas or should I say Feliz Navidad!

  9. Mexican food for Christmas sounds perfect. What I great idea.

  10. The cake looks yummy.

    We had a Mexican food Christmas one year and it was really festive! One highlight was a green salad with pomegranate seeds and roasted pepitas. Pretty!

  11. You have gone to town getting ready for Christmas! Great post

  12. I'm coming to your house! That Trader Joe's green sauce is awesome; it's one of my favorite things they make. I'll have to try that corn. I don't make Christmas dinner; we go to our BFFs' house. But I have them for New Year's Eve. Love the idea of Mexican.

  13. Olé! Great idea to go non-traditional for Christmas. I like it!

  14. Your food plans look wonderful. Happy holidays to you!


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