Thursday, December 27, 2012

Review of "I Could Pee on This" [98]

I Could Pee on This- And Other Poems by Cats 
by Francesco Merciuliano 
Chronicle Books, ISBN 978-1452110585
August 15, 2012, 112 pages

I am not the greatest fan of poetry, but this book just spoke to my heart.
Really, how could anyone resist to be moved by one like this...

I Lick Your Nose 

I lick your nose 
I lick your nose again 
I drag my claws down your eyelids 
Oh, you're up? Feed me 

Wow, it is like the author of that knows Larry and me.
Although Larry has taken to punching me in the face with his furry little paws about 4 a.m. instead of dragging his claws down my eyelids.
Maybe because he does not have claws.
Or how about this one...

Kubla Kat 

On the edge of a laughing teacup 
Did Kubla Kat decree 
That the corn fritter festooned with medals 
Shall make the brownies free 
And so the walls turned to water 
To let our sorrows drown 
As the chairs burned themselves for warmth 
So they need not face the clown 
Then the spoons burst into song 
And all the forks they understood 
As I stared at my now talking claws 
Because this catnip is just that good 

Maybe that is why Larry is so enjoying his Christmas gift, a big catnip toy.

If you own a cat, or just know someone who owns a cat or just love cats but are too smart to actually get one, this is a book that I think you will enjoy.
And perhaps make you laugh a bit.
Or a great deal.

Because the truth is often very funny, isn't it, when it comes to our furry friends.
The book is divided into four parts, Family, Work, Play and Existence, each full of the cutest little works of cat verse that will have you meowing...I mean laughing. Yet not only is it funny, it's observations about life with a cat ring very, very true. If you have a cat, you will see yourself and you furry friend in these pages. I dare you to read this little book and look at your cat and not wonder exactly what he or she is thinking.
Especially about you.
Then there are the dozens of cute kitty photos, so sweet, even if none of those cats is as handsome as Larry.

We really must thank Mr. Marciuliano for collecting these poems from the multitude of feline authors included. It can not have been easy. Although I must say it is odd that he does not include the names of the authors of each poem. Who wrote "I Lick Your Nose"? Was it Fluffy or Whiskers, Molly or Maisy? This is a little troubling.

Still, for cat lovers among you..or as a gift for a person owned by a cat, which is how I got my copy..this is a book that I can, with great amusement, recommend.


  1. Caite, sounds like a fun book to read. Thanks for sharing your review. Hope you had a great Christmas and I wish you all the best in 2013. Happy New Year!

  2. Isn't this book cute? We gave it to our daughter for Christmas. The cat on the cover is a dead ringer for our grandcat Moe. I knew she would enjoy it. Sadly, Moe has had a tough year with a lot of health issues. Did you know a cat could have a cardiologist?

  3. This sounds like a book I would love, since I love cats and poetry. I even try writing poetry occasionally. Come to think of it, I even have a blog, (Shadows Of My Mind) where I post my poems.

  4. I'm so glad you enjoyed the book, Caite. And, I love it that you wonder which cat wrote the poems. It's just a fun book for cat lovers.

  5. Oh I'm just laughing at the ones you included. That first one was hilarious. I WANT!

  6. We actually have a cat that sucks on our noses, and one that also pokes our faces (nicely, without claws) when he is ready to be loved and/or fed. Crazy little rotten kittens. I know I would love this one. You just to laugh sometimes.


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