Tuesday, August 21, 2012

OK, I Love a New Toy...

I like to take photographs.
And I think I have a pretty good eye.
But I am not the most knowledgeable photographer.
By far!

And still, I try.
While I admit depth of field and apertures make my head spin a bit, I try.
I want the option to play with my settings, a camera I can learn with.
So I felt it was time to move up. Something with interchangeable lens and better quality photographs.
So, an SLR, right?

Well, I started reading and decided there was another option.
A Micro Four Thirds system camera.
A bigger sensor than a point and shoot. Interchangeable lenses. Almost SLR quality.
And yet, it is small. And light.
So, I bought one.

Olympus OM-D E-M5, with it's kit lens, 12-50 mm and a Panasonic 20 mm prime lens

..with the 12-50 on.

...with the Panasonic lens.

Ok, actually, I bought two.
I 'needed' a new 'pocket' camera. A point and shoot, but with some telephoto range. One that I can have in my pocket, my bag, my car, always at the ready. So a bit ago I picked up this one

Canon PowerShot SX260 HS with 20x image stabilized zoom
Don't look at that last one too closely. I had no idea the poor camera was so dusty.

Also, I took these photos using a $5 lightbox I made based on some online articles, with a cardboard box and some tracing paper and a fair bit of tape.


  1. a 'panasonic' lens? 'splain, please .. is this a lens made by Panasonic?? or is it a panarama or wide angle lens? looking forward to seeing what you get with that Olympus .. i was at one point thinking of getting it but its too cumbersome to fit in a pocket and if i am going to get a small camera it has to fit in a pocket ...

    enjoy them!

    1. it is the Panasonic 20 mm prime lens I mentioned above.
      See the little 'Lumix'?

      Yes, it is a bit too big for a pocket, but really, especially with one of these pancake style lens, it is pretty darn small. Certainly, handbag, small handbag, size. Or bigger pocket size.
      I should have taken a picture of the two of them together, but I was running out of cameras.

  2. You've just being using a point and shoot for the fabulous photos you take? Dang, I'm in serious need of some lessons. Where are those lightbox directions? Do you remember?

    1. Here is one site..

      ..or you can google $5 lightbox. the directions are all pretty much the same. Get a cardboard box. cut window in three sides. line windows with something like tracing paper. cut a piece of poster board for the back/bottom. add a light. or two..or three.

      I had the poster board and the box and the light (CHEAP ikea light)

      you can set it up anywhere, use different color backgrounds..

  3. Yes, I'm with Kathy. You take great pictures already that I couldn't begin to do. Yes, probably mostly because you have a good eye. But you also seem to know how to use a camera to make the most of it. Now, your stuff will be spectacular!!!

    1. ..or just the same.
      or worse!!

      I am still reading the 200+ page instruction manual. menu inside menu inside menu...

  4. Love a new toy ... especially cameras, lens,techie stuff ...
    the 12 - 50 mm is a nice wide angle. Your photos have always been
    excellent .. not sure how you improve on that.. but look forward to
    seeing the results.

    I made a lightbox ages ago... the tape finally gave way and it came
    tumbling down... didn't use it as much as I had thought.. but maybe I
    will try again on a smaller scale... it was nice for small objects..
    like jewelry not so much for big items.

    1. well, I just made it yesterday and I already used it once...for this pictures..lol

  5. I can't believe you been using a point and shoot all this time. I also got the SX260 for the same reasons you did. It fits in my pocket and I can really zoom in (like on my kids when they're in swim class).

  6. Yes, so far it seems like a nice little camera...

  7. I have a Kodak with a 21x zoom and the zoom is terrific but the process speed for each photo is so slow. Used special settings this last trip for bright sun and the pics were terrible. Am very disappointed. I will have to look at these cameras. with the extra lens, is that complicated? do you have to set things yourself etc. Would I need a course on photography? I'm off to make your Peach Sunrise Coffeecake from Weekend cooking ages ago! I'll eat a bite for you Caite.

    1. Oh, worry not, there is still an auto setting...but it gives you the chance to play around with other settings, see what you can do, what the differences are.

  8. You're an awesome and talented photographer so I'm thrilled you got some new tools/toys to play with!

  9. I use a glorified point and shoot too. I love my canon, but I'd like a pocket camera too.

  10. I'm impressed! I thought for sure you were using a DSLR for all those beautiful photos. My PowerShot takes fantastic pictures but I rely on my big Canon for the detail stuff.

    Have fun with the new toys!

  11. I've got both of these camera's "bookmarked" for future reference. I need something a bit smaller than my Olympus E410, which still allows me some flexibility. Like you, I struggle a bit with f-stops and apertures, but I want something a bit more than a point-and-shoot. These both look like great cameras.

    BTW, you have a great eye. Your photos are gorgeous!


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