Monday, August 6, 2012

Musing Monday..Why Not Take All of Me?

How exciting! Seems we are going to get to answer some of the questions people offered up last week..The week Miz B picked one from everything distils into reading...

This week’s musing asks:
What attracts you to a book blog? What puts you off in a book blog? Do you share personal stuff on your book blog?

What attracts me to a book blog?
Well, there is content and appearance.
Let's tackle appearance first. Personally, I like a blog that has a clean look, not all cluttered up.
And I will tell ya what will make me click away in a second.
I find any noise on a blog totally unacceptable. I will not go searching, looking for a way to shut it off. I am already gone.

But...I will admit that I can be persuaded to read a blog whose appearance I do not like if the content is appealing enough. Good reviews of some good books and it will go on my reading list. I understand what I might consider 'good' books is totally subjective and that is fine. I am sure there are many great blogs, well written, lovely blogs, out there reviewing books I would never want to read. So they will not be on the reading list. But if we share some beloved author, a favorite genre, then I will hang around to see what else you think is worth my time..or not worth my time.
Something for everyone, not every one for every body.

Now, the second part of the question is very interesting, about sharing personal things on my blog.
Actually, I think everything on my blog is personal.
I read books I think I will like and tell you what I think of them.
I go places I like and then share images of them with you.
I cook things I think sound interesting and then tell you about them.
I share pictures of the critters in my life with you, ones I think are cute and I hope you do too.
That is, in my mind, personal stuff.

No, I don't usually share facts about my family or my job. I don't post pictures of them, don't even use their names. OK, there might have been one photo of the Niece once. And if you are very diligent about reading the comments, you could possible figure out the name of the Bro, Sil, and Niece...not that they comment very often. (as we have know who you are!) But that is not what this blog is about and quite honestly, I have concerns about putting too much information out there on the World Wide Web, to be floating around for all eternity, accessible to anyone. It just seems a tiny bit dangerous and a wee bit creepy.

But my blog is all me, if not all OF me.
Someone I know..yes, you are reading this aren't you?..recently said that the person on my blog is not me, that it is a created, 'fake' person. I answered that it was not true, not true at all..maybe she just not actually know me.
First, why would I bother?
Second, it sounds like too much work, and if anything, I am lazy. That I have mentioned.

If you have a blog...and really, how any blogs do you think there are in the world? millions no doubt...the whole point is to create something you like, something you find interesting first. And then hope someone else might find something of interest too, a few poor souls perhaps. A book..a photo..a puppy.
I mean really, trying to keep some sort of image of this fake person in my mind and then write as them... It give me a headache just thinking about it.
No folks, this is the real me, what I like and hate and think and find interesting.

Speaking of all of me, let me share a video of this classic song.
"Hey, isn't she the one complaining about music on a blog??"
Well, this is a video and you can choose to listen to it or not. ;-)
But I hope you do, because it is Louie..and no one can sing it and play it like Louie!!


  1. I sure do agree with you about the music! The NOISE makes me crazy!!

  2. I usually keep my speakers turned off for my computer. I am like you about sharing personal stuff on the internet. I do love to see the photo blogs, I enjoy seeing scenes from around the world. Have a great week, Caite.

  3. Music is also a pet peeve of mine. And like you, instead of wasting time trying to find how to shut it off, I just leave. And as far as if you are a fake person behind this blog, which I doubt, I want you to know, I still enjoy visiting.

    1. Maybe the 'fake' me is more!

  4. I don't like music and I don't like dark backgrounds. I think it's hard to keep up a blog for very long without it becoming personal in some ways.

    1. Yes, I forgot that one..dark background are tough on the eyes!

  5. Music AND blinky things on blogs drives me crazy!! I'm with you - the minute it starts - I'm outta there!How could anyone think you are a fake person? That doesn't even make sense. Maybe they think imaginary kitty is writing the blog???
    Some people are weird.

    1. Oh that is just silly...everyone knows Imaginary Kitty is very private and never posts!

  6. Well let me say first off, I always enjoy visiting and reading your MM. I find it very entertaining and always take the time to read it. Now second let me say, I don't always read many other bloggers posts if they are long and drawn out, they usually aren't entertaining like you are, and that really turns me off. And the music, no I don't like it either. Dark backgrounds, never thought of it before, have to go change "Ann's Moody Blues" blog background. No wonder no one reads it. ; )

    1. They really are hard on the eyes.... :-)
      But happy you enjoy my MMs. I do try.

  7. I forgot about the music. That annoys me sometimes too!
    Nice clean blog you have :D New follower!!!

    Here's mine:

  8. I don't know you personally but I think your blog totally sounds like you, if that makes sense. I completely forgot to answer the second half of the question ugh it must be Monday. I totally agree with everything you've sqid especially the music, really I'm just so happy I don't have speakers at work otherwise I might get caught lol. Thanks for stopping by today!

  9. I can't stand music on a blog either for some reason and especially if I can't find where it's coming from so that I can stop it. But not to many blogs I've found has music. Only a few.

  10. Ah yeah music coming from nowhere. Specially hate it when I opened few blogs from a linky form and cannot find out which blog it is. I usually end up closing them all.

  11. Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

    I absolutely agree about the music too - I just don't have the patience to turn it off. Plus, if I'm already listening to music, it's more than annoying.

  12. I didn't even think about the music on some of the blogs, but yes, I am not a fan of it either. It can be quite distracting an after a busy day, I usually like the silence while I am doing blogstuff. Thanks for visiting!

  13. I like a clean blog, too--no music, no flashing.

  14. I can't believe someone accused you of being fake! Ha! You are about the polar opposite of fake. Anyway, yes music is an immediate deterrent. I followed someone once for awhile that had music pop on every time you logged in and I just couldn't take it anymore. I tried, but it is awful. I love your mix of reviews and personal. If a blog is all business and no fun, I get bored.

    1. It's all about doing something you enjoy...

  15. I don't like the music either. Here is my post:

  16. Hi! Thanks for the visit to my blog!

    ..."quite honestly, I have concerns about putting too much information out there on the World Wide Web, to be floating around for all eternity, accessible to anyone. It just seems a tiny bit dangerous and a wee bit creepy."

    I totally agree! God only knows what kind of people are going to read anything personal I may post and use that info. As if I don't have enough problems in the real world that I'd be interested in creating more in the virtual one!

  17. Spot on! You could have written this for me, although I do tend to include photos and names of family members on my blog. But everything else is pretty much the way I like it. I'm very happy to have discovered yours!

  18. I like book blogs to have reviews but also a little more - memes & lists to tie books into a particular theme. I also like a good design, but definitely won't stick around if it's bad - meaning font hard to read, or music - definite turn off.

  19. I agree about the music thing. It is one of my biggest pet peeves about blogs. And I do think it would be insanely diffcult to keep up a false persona for any length of time on a blog. I know I couldn't pull it off.


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