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Review of "The Beast" [61]

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Genre: Mystery/Thriller
Published by: Harper Collins/ William Morrow
 Publication Date: August 6, 2013
Number of Pages: 384
ISBN: 9780062121752
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"Throughout his years with the LAPD, Peter Decker has handled a number of tough cases and strange killers. But few of his previous assignments compare to his latest case—the most bizarre of his storied career.

When Hobart Penny is found dead in his apartment, the cops think that his pet cat—an adult female tiger—attacked the reclusive elderly billionaire. But it soon becomes clear that the beast that killed the eccentric inventor is all too human. Digging into the victim's life, Decker and his colleagues, Detectives Marge Dunn and Scott Oliver, discover that Penny was an exceptionally peculiar man with exotic tastes, including kinky sex with call girls.

 Following a trail of clues that leads from a wildlife sanctuary in the San Bernardino Mountains to the wild nightlife of Las Vegas, the LAPD detectives are left juggling too many suspects and too few answers. To break open a case involving the two most primal instincts—sex and murder—Decker wrestles with a difficult choice."

Follow the money...isn't that what they say? Especially if your murder victim is a very rich and, it's seems, a very nasty man. And as promised we have a large and interesting group of suspects. A very rich and slightly odd ex-wife who seems to have a few secrets, a couple of grown children, who to various degrees, hated their father. Then there is the director of a wildlife refuge who is very, very interested to see if her group is in the will and maybe just a little too desperate for cash. Then, when the dead man's very sorted past..and present..is revealed, a whole new reasons for some people to want him death come to light.

Granted, the murder, what with the tiger in an apartment and all, is a bit over the top. But if you can suspend your disbelief long enough to believe that someone could keep wild animals in a city apartment it is a fun read..and in reality it seems to happen at least once a year in New York City that they find someone keeping a lion in their efficiency apartment!

This is the 21st book in this series, and I must admit, I do not believe I have read any of them before. Which led to two issues for me with this book, one small and one a bit bigger. This is billed as a Decker and Lazarus and it took me awhile to realize who the Lazarus half of that equation was, Decker's now stay at home wife. She plays a small role in this installment, too small a role, apart from asking if anyone wants something to eat and a little parenting of their piano prodigy foster son.
The 17 year old foster son and his romance with a 16 year old girl is the second problem. Yes, since I did not read the previous book, I don't know their history together but still I think too much time was given to that story line to the detriment of the main plot.

All in all, a fun summer read, that I am sure fans of the series will be looking forward too.
And another series that I need to go back to the beginning of, because Decker and Lazarus are appealing characters.
But 20 books! Where to find the time?


  1. I think you almost always have to suspend disbelief with thrillers and mysteries and, if they're done well, that's not a problem. I've never tried Kellerman, but my sister really likes this series.

    1. it is very readable, good characters..nice read.

  2. I don't THINK I've ever read any of these, but I get confused between her and her husband Jonathan. I have read a ton of his, but in my mind I just see that last name. I agree with Kathy, so many of these mysteries seem to take their plots over the top...they have to do something to keep it new and different.

    1. And to make it a little more confusing, there is some character crossover between the two! Lol

  3. I haven't read any of the Kellerman's so I don't have to worry about getting confused - LOL

  4. I started this series many years ago and really enjoyed them. Looking forward to reading this one. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this book.

  5. i used to love this series but it got so predictable ...

    1. 21 books is long time to substain a series well.

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