Monday, August 12, 2013

Musing Monday...Ode to the E-Book

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Yes, you read that right.
I, who once ranted about e-books, have come to praise them.
But I must admit, there are a lot of reasons to like these electronic vade mecum.
I credit this idea to my sister-in-law who brought this topic up in  a conversation, when she realized how much easier it is to read an e-book in bed, not having to bothering the Bro with a light on.

So lets made a list..

Pros of e-book-
  • Can carry many books on one small device.
  • Great for travel, whether to work on a bus or a trip around the world.
  • Can buy new books and download them in seconds.
  • Most devices are illuminated, requiring no outside light.
  • Built in dictionary, highlighter, note taker.
  • Books are cheaper than 'dead-tree' books.

  • You have to buy the device.
  • Limited battery life. What is worse than the battery running out at the best part of a book?
  • Can not give away..or except to a very limited degree with some books.
Now, REAL books.

The pros-
  • They smell good. The older the better.
  • They are sometimes very attractive, with lovely covers, nice bindings. (of course, in reality, most are rather cheaply made trade paperbacks)

  • They are bulky, heavy.
  • More expensive.
I have to admit it, the contest seems to be leaning toward those Evil E-Books!
Do you have any pros or cans of your own to add.
Who do you think the winner is??


  1. I think the winner is eBooks hands down, especially the ability to adjust the font size for readers like with "old eyes".

    I admit, I still love reading a "real book" or seeing others read real books...I curious and with an eBook - you never know:)

    1. Oh yes...not so much for me, but the SIL pointed that out!

  2. I agree with Diane about the font. This is one of the best features for me along with the weight of the device. For someone who has RA, holding a hardcover book is difficult but the 7oz keyboard kindle is great for me. I love it! Doesn't need charging as often as the Nook Color.

    1. True! And I can turn the pages on an e book and hold it with one hand I have the other to rub the kitty's belly as he sit on my lap. With a real book, I keep hitting him on the head.

  3. I think "Can buy new books and download them in seconds" should be under the pros and the cons of ebooks! lol Another con for ebooks is it's harder to look back if you have forgotten a character or want to check on something.

  4. I'm always going to be a fan of "real books". There's just something about holding a book in your hands, watching it get stained or wrinkled that you just don't get with ebooks.

  5. I am the sister in law that started this topic. It started when wee Caite gave me a pile of paperback books (and I do mean a pile). I tucked my Kindle away to start on the pile and was initially struck by the fact that the print was so small that even my magnifying glasses were not good enough. I guess it has been quite a while since I read a regular book and my eyesight obviously has declined significantly! Then I realized I would have to dig out my book light so that the bedroom light doesn't bother my husband when I read late into the night. The light from the Kindle is much nicer than the booklight that does not stay in one position!! So that is when I realized how much better the e book is than the real book!!

  6. For me, the pros of the ebook outweigh the cons especially since I live in a non-English speaking country and the English books are slim pickings in the local bookstores.

    Thanks for stopping by The Hottie Harem

  7. I'm totally sold on ebooks! For all the reasons you listed.

  8. I don't think the smell is a pro. LOL. But otherwise, yeah, that's why I made the shift almost completely a long time ago.

    1. I have read that smell is a combo of vanilla and mildew..hmmmm

  9. I'm glad to see that you're willing to admit that your prior prejudice against ebooks was misplaced. Dead tree books will eventually become an historical artifact.


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