Sunday, August 15, 2010

...With a beautiful view of the Maine coast!

Oh, no doubt, many of us have the dream. To live on the coast, with a beautiful view, the ocean near to our front door. Well, that dream could be yours, for a very reasonable price. True, there are a few drawback, as an article from the AP mentions.
"It's hard to get to, located on a wave-swept rocky ledge where landing a boat can be treacherous. Once there, a person has to climb a 30-foot ladder to get into the tower. Inside, the circular rooms are small and bare. The yard, if you can call it that, is a ledge that is underwater half the time whenever the tide is up.

But the views of the rugged coast, the nearby islands and the open ocean are to die for, and the lighthouse oozes history — a reminder of an era gone by, when lighthouse keepers lived in isolation manning kerosene lamps and foghorns to keep mariners out of harm's way."
Put in the winning bid and the picturesque Ram Island Ledge Lighthouse might be yours. The 72 foot tall tower, built in 1905, is a mile off shore, at the entrance to Portland harbor and is one of eight lighthouse being offered, at the moment, for sale by the U.S.Coastguard. And be aware that as owner, you will be responsible for maintaining the lighthouse while the Coast Guard will maintain the navigational aids, which include a light that flashes every six seconds and a fog horn that blares every 10 seconds.

Yes, a light every 6 seconds and a fog horn every 10 seconds. You might want to consider that.

On the plus side, there has only been one bid so far, for $10,000. Very reasonable for an ocean front house with a fantastic view.


  1. The light wouldn't bother me, but the fog horn would drive me crazy! It sounds like it would be even worse for mental health than the isolation in The Shining!

  2. Huh. I am sitting here thinking about it much longer than I should be. I'm wondering if I could just use it as my getaway when the kids drive me crazy?

  3. How's the internet service out there? Electricity? Where's the closest grocery store? As much as I want to go back to living on the coast, I don't think this would be the place for me,my old knees couldn't get me up to the top to appreciate the view.

  4. actually, I am not good with heights and would never be able to climb a 30 foot outside ladder.
    other than that....

  5. Some days I think I could be VERY traffic, no blocked views...I guess I'd better like fish...a lot, I guess I'd have to catch it very little food....

    It's a beautiful picture!

  6. I'm with all the weak-knee'd ones....much better to have a nice home on the mainland coast with electricity, running water, fireplace, windows, etc etc etc, and then just sit on the porch, (or in the heated sun room) and LOOK AT the lighthouse, and listen to the fog horns. Don't forget, if you live there, you can't really see it well enough to enjoy it.

    Maybe the Maine state prison system could use it for a solitary lockup - After all = it worked at Alcatraz.


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