Monday, August 23, 2010

Musing Monday...My Precious

Today’s musing asks…as always courtesy of Should Be Reading...
If your house was burning down –and you could SAFELY grab a book on your way outside to safety– what book would you make sure you ‘rescued’? Why?
This is am impossible question! Really, it's like being asked which one of your children you would save.
So, let me think. Let me wander into the family room and take a look at my bookshelves and see if there is one, raising it's little bookish hand and shouting (in a high squeaky voice...because that is how books shout) .."Take Me! Me!" But there was none.

So, who to pick?
Well, there are the Dickens and Harvard Classics that I have, that belonged to my grandfather. But there are too many of them to pick just one. A Christmas Carol...A Tale of Two, impossible.
Then there are my Easton Press books. My beautiful Easton Press books.  My Precious ....How about one of you? The Hobbit maybe, the first Easton book that  I ever bought and a book I love. But then, what about The Lord of the Rings, or Wuthering Height or Alice's Adventures in Wonderland? Oh no..
Or there, on the top shelf, is my high school year book. Maybe I should grab that, a priceless memento. No, I think I will toss that into the fire.

So what would I take? Well, after serious thought, I think I would most likely just grab the book I was reading at the moment. Or one sitting in the pile near the front door. I assume there is going to be a lot of waiting around, what with the fire trucks and all. And of course, I will be very upset, so I will need something to read, won't I.
Afterall, I might need a bit of a mental trip and "There is no frigate like a book, To take us lands away."


  1. Sounds like a plan....Thanks for visiting my blog.

  2. I would probably grab my current read too because there wouldn't be a lot of time to think about it!

  3. I hope I am never faced with this decision. But I think I'd have to grab the Kindle and the iPod. Or maybe my signed Connie May Fowler books? No, no, I can't think about it.

  4. It is a terrible thought...maybe one advantage of an e-reader.

  5. ok, you grab the hand truck and I will pull up the van..

  6. I just thought, if I was in bed when it happened I could just grab the books of my dresser. That'd be all I could grab seeing there's about 20 there :D

    Here's my musing

  7. Difficult decision because like most of us I love all my books!

  8. I'd probably grab the one I was reading, too. I don't have any that have a true sentimental value.

  9. I'll grab my journal or the Kindle!


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