Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thursday briefs...

really brief this

First, just want to remind any readers that the GIVEAWAY for "The Lost City of Z" will end this weekend. So drop a comment there if you would like to win a copy of a very interesting book.

Second, for those of you that like...or don't mind...e-books, there is an offer out there to download a PDF file of C.J.West's book "Sin and Vengeance". I have not read it yet, but it seems it is being made into a film and the books got very good, if limited, reviews on Amazon. If you are interested, the site is and you will need to enter the password: cjwest.

And last...I just want to remind you check out the Susan Boyle/Britian's Got Talent video here. It seems that the video on YouTube has now been viewed by over 12 million viewers.


  1. I passed that video on to everyone. To my surprise, they featured it on the evening news the other night!

  2. mom said this when i showed it to her: "how come i'm always the last to see these things!?" she loves les mis. she wants to take me to a matinee

  3. Thanks for the e-book link. I'm going to check it out! And I love that clip...I saw it on a blog and watched the whole thing ... and I usually skip video posts!


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