Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I Don't Need No Stinkin' Badges...But I Need Tuesday Thinger!

Of course, I am lying. I am all about the badges and the gold stars, and yes, I was a Girl Scout with a sash full of merit badges. So this week's Tuesday Thinger from Wendi's Book Corner, is of particular interest to me. Seems there is a feature called Helper Badges available on LT...and I have two!

Questions: Did you know about Helper Badges? Do you have any badges? If so, what is your highest medal/number? What is your lowest? Do the badges give you any incentive to help add to the areas of LT that they cover (Common Knowledge, Venues, etc)?

Helper Badges are a perfect example for the total geekiness of Library Thing...and a perfect example of why I love it! Oh, thank you so much Wendi for pointing these out.

Many of the members of LT are very concerned, dare we say obsessive, about all the little bits and pieces relating to their books and getting all those little bits and pieces right. Is the date of your edition correct...is the right cover showing...did anyone enter the dedication yet? Oh, it can just go on and on and on. Kitty {{my imaginary kitty}} and I well remember the time we had to devote to entering the gender of authors of books in my library that were unknown. Once, I would just add a book to my library by entering the ISBN and maybe checking the cover art was correct. Now I have taken to entering other bits of Common Knowledge as I get the chance..publication dates, character names and such.

Which is why my two badges are in those categories.

caitemaire's Helper Badges

bronze Helper for contributions to any area of LibraryThing (210)

silver Common Knowledge for contributions to Common Knowledge (207)

Of course, once I went to the site and found out all the other badges you can get, I spend way too much time fooling around with it and was almost late for my eye doctor appointment this morning. And now, while I should be out in the yard doing some more clean up, I am here, hunched over my laptop trying to figure out how to get more...FAST! Two is nice, but I need more, and they must be gold. Shiny gold!!

Let's see.
"Distinct authors for splitting homonymous authors into distinct authors (10/35/75)" {{only need 10 to get a bronze}}
"Local Libraries for adding new libraries to LibraryThing Local" (5/25/250) {{only need 5 for this one!!}}
Picture Flaggers-sounds like fun. Translations-I did study ancient Greek and Latin!
"Local Bookstores for adding new bookstores and fair/festivals to LibraryThing Local"...sounds like a good excuse to go to a bookstore.
Oh, soon I will have a cyber sash full of shiny Library Thing medals, just you wait and see!!

..and how, let's see if we can find a nice little picture of a nice little doggie, Bandit, of The World From Down Here, catching up on his reading

...and his newest video...seems he has learned a new trick, smart little feller!


  1. He's READING A BOOK!! OMG!! ;)

    I thought you would be one of the ones with the most contributions to your name.

  2. just give me some more time...just give me some more time...

    hey! are you saying that because you thing I am a geek?? lol

  3. Nah - just because LT draws you in and makes you OCD ;)

  4. mom has ocd. and thanks for this LOVELY DISPLAY OF ME!

  5. Now that I see the picture of Bandit reading, I'm wondering if he's the one who writes your book reviews. I don't have any helper badges on LT. I think I need to get to work!

  6. Bandit, every display of you is lovely.
    Sandy, he is smart...when he wants to be.
    Kathy, you guessed my secret! Yes, Bandit writes all my reviews. I give him treats as payment.

  7. I am coming around to your view ... I think Bandit just might be the cutest dog in the world.

    And you (as always) crack me up...go get those badges! The Girl Scout in your misses her sash!

  8. when I say he is the cutest dog in the world, I am just being objective. it is a fact...lol

    I do wonder what happen to my sash...I wish I still had it...

  9. Wow - look at your numbers!! Over 200 on both. I have to be careful - I tend to get obsessive about completing things.

    You might just start something with that adorable picture of Bandit reading. :)

    Thanks for stopping by and participating in Thingers last week! I've got the post up for this week. ~ Wendi


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