Monday, April 6, 2009

List...I don't need no stinking list...but I do need my Musing Monday!

Yes Bandit, I realize here on the east Coast of the USA it is still Sunday, but the Monday Musing question, from the inquisitive mind of Just One More Page is up. And if I do not answer it now, I am off to work for the night shortly, and who knows when I will answer it...since, as I have mentioned, all blogs are blocked on the internet at work.
So, with that explanation, here is this weeks question...

As a follow up to last week's question, Joseph asked how you keep track of your tbr list. Do you have a paper list or on your computer? Do you take it with you when you go shopping? How do you decide what gets added to it?

So, who is this Joseph...and why is he so interested in my books? ;-)

My To Be Read list. How do I keep track of it? Very easy question. I don't have one, so I don't have to keep track of it. Certainly can't take it with me. Ok folks, that's it, so long now, see you next week....

What I do realize is that a lot of folks are a lot more organized about their books than I am. What they have read, what they will read, what they wish they might read, what they will buy, what they will get rid of, what they loaned out, what they borrowed...oh my, it is all just too much for me. I mean, really...Excel spreadsheets are so very, very neat but just beyond my organizational skills. I use Excel at work, but I am not terrible...shall we say the language of the computer spreadsheet.

And hand written lists in notebooks and such...well, i can't do that either. My handwriting is too poor. So poor that the list would just annoy me so much. Then, I would also have to cross out things and make changes and it would get all messy and that would annoy me SO much too. My entire life might spin out of control and I would have to retreat to the quiet darkness of my bedroom, just me and my imaginary kitty, Kitty. They may think I jest Kitty, but I do not!

So, what to do when I happen upon a book that i think I might desire?
Well, two choices. Buy it...or add it my 'wish list' or cart on Amazon. Because as I have also mentioned, most of my books I buy from Amazon. So if I am wandering around the blogshere or the World Wide Web in general and happen upon something that sounds interesting, I just go over to the Evil Amazon and see what is available. If it is not a brand new book and there is a used on available in the Marketplace for a penny or close, for a total of $4, chances are I may buy it.
There is no rhyme or reason to what I buy usually, beyond what I read in a recommendation here in blogland..or reviews in the NY Times or Philadelphia Inquirer or any of those other places I read.

Which is why I always have these packages arriving in the mail all the time, wrapped in brown paper. Heavens, what must my mailman think I am doing here....?

Or, if I am unsure I should buy it (which happens if I pause a few minutes and really think "Caite, do you need another book, do you have room for another book?") or if it is new, I add it to the cart over on the Evil Amazon, put it in the "Saved Items--To Buy Later" to either wait until I have $25 worth and will get free shipping ('cause I hate, hate, hate to pay for the shipping!) or I forget why I put it in there to begin with. Then, months from now, I just delete it.

I figure that if I read enough good things about it and want it enough, I will remember and still want it. And maybe, on the occasion when I wander into a 'real' bookstore, I might even be desperate to actually buy it! It has happened..

And someday, if I actually ever get to the bottom of my on hand TBR pile {{watch out Kitty!!}} I may have to come up with a real system.
I figure...2012, 2013 maybe. If books still exist then.


  1. I have a list, but it is a hand-written list on paper that is wrinkled with various "stuff" on it (food, lip gloss, smeared ink) that I carry around with me everywhere, just in case I am somewhere and I need good book recommendations. It's that, and a few shelves in my bedroom.

  2. Oh no!! A messy list would be my WORSE nightmare. lol

  3. Yes! Just like THE VOICES in mine!

  4. I absolutely love that you're so excited to be first on the list, even if you have to wrangle it a bit ;)

    I kinda like your system btw, in fact, I'm kinda jealous of the (evil)Amazon system and the bargains you can get there.

  5. I'm addicted to Amazon marketplace as well. Any great, like new book that I can get for under $5.00 with shipping, is a purchase I can't resist.

  6. I am usually an organized person, but in the area of books I want to read I am a mess!

  7. I'm one of those nutty organized people with both a spreadsheet and a messy notebook and I love both :) It's probably the only area in my life I am organized in. LOL

  8. well now, it might interest you to know that i only read books in italian. therefore my tbr list is in italian as well. here are a few off my list:
    Il buio e il miele
    La scoperta dell’alba
    Va' dove ti porta il cuore

    the only exceptions (books i will read in english) are of course books on statistics.

    i have no source of income so i walk to the library (yes, there's an international section) when mom's at school. i have to remember not to wear my reading glasses on the walk there because things look blurry.

    ...perhaps i've said too much.

  9. My TBR list is a huge, disorganized set of notebooks, clippings, scraps of paper, etc. So, I was hoping that by suggesting this question that I might find the "one true way" of keeping track of my TBR books.

  10. bandit, I don't believe a word you say....being as you are a PUPPY!

    Joseph, see that would bother me so much, the disorder of it, that one day I would just throw it all out. I would prefer no list to a messy list.

    I am always surprised by all the spreadsheet folks. But Yvonne, a spreadsheet AND a notebook...that is questionable.

    Diane, I do love Amazon marketplace. for $4, I will often take a chance on a questionable book.

    Rebecca, you are right to be

  11. If you can have an imaginary Kitty, you can certainly sit in one of those adirondack chairs in Otter Bay. I suppose Bandit could sit in the other one if he were so inclined.

  12. hmmm...I didn't think of taking bandit on my imaginary beach...but I guess I could. he has only been to the beach once but he liked it a lot. oh...ok.

  13. You just amuse me to no end! Loved this. And you are right ... if it is good enough or interesting enough, you'll remember it someday.


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