Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tuesday Thinger bids Fare Thee Well.

Yes, it is Tuesday again but a Tuesday that we must begin with a sad note. Boston Biliophile, who has been the gracious hostess of Tuesday Thingers, has announced that this will be her last week as host due to other obligations and will hopefully pass the baton to another volunteer...(has anyone raised their hand? come on...come on....)
So, before we start, let's pause for a short round of applause for Boston Bibliophile and all that she has done to make TT so much fun!
Kitty, yes, I know it is hard to clap with paws. Especially imaginary ones.

Today's Question: The LT Home Page feature. How are you liking it? Or not? Do you go here when you log into LT or do you use your profile page more?

I use the home page ...well, as my Library Thing Home Page. I must say that I rarely go to the profile page anymore. But you know, taking a look at it, I realize that I really have to pause there soon and do a little editing of it. When it first appeared some months back, I look at the various ways you could customize it, removing sections that did not interest me and unchecked a couple. But in reality, there are only a few that I use on a regular basis and I think I will check out how it looks with some others put on hold. The Recently Added I use...and personally I just like the look of some nice covers up at the top of the page. Search you Library, certainly! After all, the reason I first signed up for LT was because I can't remember for more than a week what books recently arrived at my wee house in the woods. Ok, there are no woods. And the Talk (forum) section...yes, I use that one a lot, because quite honestly, when I go to LT, it is most often to check out the forums and see who is saying what. You can find my witty, intelligent comments there in a number of exciting groups...Tea...Bloggers....ARC Junkies and the Green Dragon most often. And a number where no one every comments, so you won't see me 'there' much. Because it would be lonely....

Oh...I wonder if there is a group for people with imaginary pets??

But back to the question...I do get distracted, don't I....
Tag Watch...no. Popular This Month...no, as we have discussed, if it is popular, chances are I won't like it. Hot Reviews...not unless it was mine there. Local Events...well, it seems nothing happens, book wise, in South Joisey, so the nearest events that appear are in Philly and if I am going to Philly, it is to go to Ikea.
I love Ikea!!
So it appears I have some cleaning up to do there. But that is what the new year is for, isn't it? Organize financial records for this year's taxes, throw out socks with holes in them, reorganize Kitty's cat toys, and get rid of Tag Watch.


  1. I like the way the Home Page is set up, too. I don't think I ever go to the Profile Page anymore.

  2. I've never been sure exactly what "Tag Watch" is good for (but hey, that's just me). Great post!

  3. My imaginary friend and I use the home page, too.

  4. i hope i dont step on kitty when you dog-sit me. it must be hard to see her since she is invisible. guess what kiki? today is the day. the day we have been studying for (yes i helped quiz my mom) for 9 straight tiring days. the dreaded STATICS EXAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hopefully my mom can get an a and end up with an a in the class. not only will she be one of the few she knows that PASSED the class on the first time, but she also might pass with an A!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! anyway, she asked me to help her cram for her differential equations test that is thurs. she didnt study at all for it yet because she said statics is more important. im kind of upset that she finished statistics because im a professor in that so i am very helpful.

    ..ill be posting pictures of my new fave hiding spot soon!

    <3 bandit

  5. Hey! you trying to use my blog for advertising yours Bandit? That's low...even if you are only 8" tall!

    Good luck to your mom on her statics test...whatever statics is/are..

    I am sure it is more complicated than Tag Watch though!

  6. hmmmm... wonder if my imaginary cat knows Bermudaonion's imaginary friend?

  7. :) Your posts are always fun to read! I think I unchecked a few things before I knew what they were. Maybe it is time for me to uncheck and re-check some items on my Home Page as well!

    Here's my Thinger!

    :) Wendi

  8. I do try to be entertaining. If I can't be insightful, I am happy to be amusing.

  9. Perhaps Bandit, my niece's REAL new puppy will guest blog while I puppy-sit him this weekend. He has his own blog you know. Nicer looking than mine too...hmmmm...


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