Tuesday, December 2, 2008

It's Tuesday Thinger Time!

Yes it is, and here, from The Boston Bibliophile, is this weeks question.

What's the most popular book in your library? Have you read it? What did you think? How many users have it?

Well, no surprise, like a great many people (hmmmm...which would explain the 'most popular' part) the book that I share with the most people is one of those Harry Potter books. Not the first in the series, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, but the second (32,621 people) and even the third (32,322). But see, here is the thing. I did not really like the first book. I gave it to my niece, who did not like it either I believe. Why I bought the other two, I have NO idea. and I don't believe I ever read them.
Sorry, I just don't get the Potter thing...They are well written and no doubt many people find the stories very interesting but for some reason it did not appeal to me. But I am very happy that it hopefully opened the world of reading to a new generation of kids.

After Harry, the most popular book is Da Vinci. I have said it before and I will say it again, but that is a total mystery to me. It is, in my opinion, from what part of it that I read, a rather poorly written, ridiculous book. I never bought it but read the part I read while sitting in Borders I think. It's popularity and that of the movie, which I did not see since I disliked the book and Tom Hanks haircut in the previews looked silly, is part of why I have real doubts about anything that is very popular. I always think "but they like Da Vinci so much..."

And them we get to my neck of the woods on the Library Thing most popular list. The Hobbit (24,925 copies)..read it, own it, reread it, love it. 1984 (23,045), The Catcher in The Rye (21,973), To Kill a Mockingbird (20,511)...own them, read them, loved them. Yes, I skipped Pride and Prejudice. Seems I don't own it and I am not sure if I read it or not...but it is one of those books that I think I should have!


  1. I didn't hate Da Vinci or A&D. I liked the puzzles . . . a lot. Were they well written? No. Were the endings even close to being believable or satisfying? No. Enough!

    Most popular = most owned, not most liked! (or even most read)

    Thanks for hand clapping!

  2. I don't really "get" the Harry Potter thing, either. I've only read the first book, and I enjoyed it more than I expected to. But I'm not really sure why they have such a huge following. Maybe I'd understand if I were a nine year old. It's true that The DaVinci Code isn't very well-written, but I thought it was actually a fun read. Too many people took it way too seriously, though.

  3. True...just because you own it does not mean you liked it, as I am the perfect example, me and Harry. But I will say that I like books that are well written and believable and satisfying.

  4. To save you from heading on back to my blog: the header was taken in Brugge, Belgium. The most beautiful town in the world!

  5. Well, no, I have never seen it then. It reminded me of someplace in Ireland. At least the same continent!

    You take some darn nice pictures though!

  6. How can you not get Harry? :( I have several theories on their popularity. Maybe I'll blog it one day. But I love those books for the fun and imaginative world, endearing main character, universal values, and humor.

    As far as Da Vinci, I also have theories on its popularity. Mostly having to do with people loving conspiracy theories. And it's easy to read. And it was probably in the right place at the right time. I thought it was just okay.

    I personally couldn't get through the Hobbit, so to each their own. ;)

  7. I read Da Vinci Code and thought it was okay, but have to admit that I did like most of the Harry Potter books.

  8. I am willing to give ya the Potter books. Maybe it was just not what I wanted at the time, but I think objectively they are good books.

    Da Vinci Code...no. Just so badly written. I would agree on the conspiracy theory angle perhaps. But what a waste of time.
    IMHO of course...lol

  9. The Hobbit is a wonderful book....

    Who can't love a hobbit?? They have furry feet! ;-)

  10. I liked The Da Vinci Code, and have read Pride and Prejudice a bunch of times! Can't claim to have read any of the Harry Potter books yet, although I do own them!

    Here's my Thinger!


  11. Sometimes it just doesn't pay to wonder why a book becomes so overwhelmingly popular. At times like that, I'm just thrilled to bits that *something* has gotten people of all ages (who normally shudder at picking up a book) to READ!

  12. actually kik, i know you know that i am fluent in italian and therefore quite intelligent for a dog. reading happens to be my pastime. you're right my mom did not get the potter thing..and she was even considered part of the target audience when they first came out. i think its funny how the first two are rather "contemporary" - kinda like jumping on the bandwagon. i much prefer TKM.

  13. bandit..I have never seen a dog reading. Not even a box of dog biscuits.
    I'll buy you a book for Christmas and see how you like that.

    Cathy, you are totally right. For example, I find the whole Oprah Book Club thing a bit annoying, a bit too much ego and some questionable books, but I love the fact that or her recommendation a huge number of books have been sold.

    There are enough books out there for everyone's taste!

  14. I was (am?) most certainly a Potter-phile, and the only thing I can think to explain the mania is the cleverness of the plot construction. The first one, I'll agree, isn't the most captivating, but when you look at all seven together it might become clear. However, an important thing to remember is that Harry's fame was growing at exactly the same time as widespread Internet use and social messaging media (forums, fan sits, etc.) As Melissa Anelli explains and demonstrates in her new book Harry, a History this was the perfect storm to create a frenzy.

    As for DaVinci- I never saw the big draw. My roommates loved it, I thought it was mediocre (and the writing is really awful at times). Perhaps the reason it was so popular was because it uses the Church as its Big Bad? That's a pretty popular thing to be doing, I think (similarly, Pope Joan is an intriguing --but not superb-- novel which will soon be a movie).

  15. Maggie, I think you are right on both books.

  16. Hey, thanks for the help & the visit!!! Love your blog:)

  17. i could give lessons for what little i know...do you like blinking santa paws?


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