Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Chronicles of Goodyear

My faith in the future of reading in the United States is reborn! As I sat in the Goodyear Auto Service waiting room this morning, waiting for some mechanic to replace a caliper...and hoping not to get totally ripped off because I only the vaguest idea what a caliper on a car is...I am shortly joined by two fellows, also awaiting repairs, one a man of 76 (he told me for some reason) and another young man, in his 20's it appeared.

We all sat down and opened our books and began to read!
Soon, the Goodyear shop bore a slight resemblance to the local public library, the TV blaring Good Morning America in the corner ignored.
Reading is alive and well!!


  1. Great story, Caite! Did any of you comment to each other about your choice to read instead of watching the tube?

  2. no, I think it was just understood that we were people of the book...so to speak.

    I am not one to speak up or ask questions, but I was dying to know what they were each reading. All were trade paperbacks...that was as far as I could see.
    I am nosy...but shy...lol

  3. well isnt that funny! i just went to barnes and noble with my mom. we both read together :)

  4. bandit, you are a dog and yet you are going to B&N and movies. I feel I have to report this to someone.

  5. Oh, that's lovely! And just when I was convinced most people only read while stuck in airports!

  6. maybe it is something about Goodyear...they had a really good selection of magazines too. ;-)


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